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🥰Meaning and Description

This charming emoji features a beaming yellow face, surrounded by three or more floating red hearts. The hearts are pink🩷 on the platform of Microsoft.

The Smiling Face with Hearts emoji is usually used to convey a sense of warmth, love, and adoration. It's perfect for expressing fondness or affection for people, animals, or even things. It can also signify happiness, gratitude, or excitement associated with loving emotions. Sometimes, it can also convey shyness, modesty, or flattery.

You can use it to express love for your significant other ("I can't wait to see you tonight 🥰"), appreciation for a kind gesture ("Thank you so much for the gift 🥰"), or to gush over a cute pet ("Look at this adorable puppy 🥰"). The emoji is also popular in reacting to heartwarming posts, sharing moments of joy, or simply expressing enthusiasm for a beloved hobby or interest.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🥰 is smiling face with hearts, it is related to adore, crush, hearts, in love, it can be found in emoji category: "😂 Smileys & Emotion" - "😍 face-affection".

Wikipedia: 🥰 Romance (love)
Romance or Romantic love is an emotional feeling of love for, or a strong attraction towards another person, and the courtship behaviors undertaken by an individual to express those overall feelings and resultant emotions. The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Family Studies states that "Romantic love, based on the model of mutual attraction and on a connection between two people that bonds them as a couple, creates the conditions for overturning the model of family and marriage that it engenders." This indicates that romantic love can be the founding of attraction between two people. This term was primarily used by the "western countries after the 1800s were socialized into, love is the necessary prerequisite for starting an intimate relationship and represents the foundation on which to build the next steps in a family." Alternatively, Collins Dictionary describes romantic love as "an intensity and idealization of a love relationship, in which the other is imbued with extraordinary virtue, beauty, etc., so that the relationship overrides all other considerations, including material ones."Although the emotions and sensations of romantic love are widely associated with sexual attraction, romantic feelings can exist without expectation of physical consummation and be subsequently expressed. In certain cases, romance could even be just passed down as a normal friendship. Historically, the term romance originates with the medieval ideal of chivalry as set out in the literature of Chivalric romance. 🔗 Romance (love)
🌐: رومنسية (حب), Romantik sevgi, Романс, প্রেম, Romantisk kærlighed, Liebesbeziehung, Amor romántico, Romantiline armastus, رمانس (عشق), Relation amoureuse, אהבה רומנטית, रूमानी प्रेम, Romansa (ljubav), Szerelem (érzelem), Amore romantico, ロマンチック・ラブ, 로맨스 (사랑), Romantiek (stemming), Miłość romantyczna, Романтическая любовь, Романса (љубав), Romantik aşk, Романтичне кохання, Tình yêu lãng mạn, 浪漫關係.

🥰Examples and Usage

🔸 Wow, thank you for your gift 🎁, I love it 🥰! !
🔸 Would you marry me🥰

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Date Range: 2018-05-27 - 2023-05-14
Update Time: 2023-05-22 17:28:10 UTC
🥰and in the past five years, the overall popularity of this emoji has risen and then leveled off. In 2021 and 2022, the trend of its popularity converge.

🥰Basic Information

Emoji: 🥰
Shortname: smiling face with hearts
Apple Name: smiling face with hearts
Known as: Happiness | In Love Face
Codepoint: U+1F970 Copy
Decimal: ALT+129392
Unicode Version: 11.0 (2018-05-21)
Emoji Version: 11.0 (2018-05-21)
Categories: 😂 Smileys & Emotion
Sub Categories: 😍 face-affection
Keywords: adore | crush | hearts | in love | smiling face with hearts

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