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🦁Meaning and Description

Emoji "🦁" known as the Lion, is a fantastic digital representation of the "King of the Jungle👑." This emoji typically depicts the cartoon-like head of a lion and is usually shown with a mane that is often stylized with different shades of orange, brown, or yellow to represent the fur.

The lion emoji is often used to symbolize real or fictional lions and is also the go-to signifier for the zodiac Leo ♌, embodying the Leo's regal and proud nature. Beyond these, it's a popular choice when expressing strength, courage, and leadership. Or, if you're just really excited about a trip to the zoo, 🦁 works too!

On social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, the 🦁 emoji is more than just a cute animal. It's become a symbol of power and majesty, often used to represent personal strength or determination. It's also a favorite among sports teams with lion mascots, and has even found its way into posts about haircare: because who doesn't want a mane as glorious as a lion's?

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🦁 is lion, it is related to face, Leo, zodiac, it can be found in emoji category: "🐵 Animals & Nature" - "🐀 Mammal".

Wikipedia: 🦁 Lion
The lion (Panthera leo) is a species in the family Felidae and a member of the genus Panthera. It has a muscular, deep-chested body, short, rounded head, round ears, and a hairy tuft at the end of its tail. It is sexually dimorphic; adult male lions have a prominent mane. With a typical head-to-body length of 184–208 cm (72–82 in) they are larger than females at 160–184 cm (63–72 in). It is a social species, forming groups called prides. A lion pride consists of a few adult males, related females and cubs. Groups of female lions usually hunt together, preying mostly on large ungulates. The lion is an apex and keystone predator; although some lions scavenge when opportunities occur and have been known to hunt humans, the species typically does not. Typically, the lion inhabits grasslands and savannas, but is absent in dense forests. It is usually more diurnal than other big cats, but when persecuted it adapts to being active at night and at twilight. During the Neolithic period, the lion ranged throughout Africa, Southeast Europe, and Western and South Asia but today it has been reduced to fragmented populations in sub-Saharan Africa and one critically endangered population in western India. It has been listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List since 1996 because populations in African countries have declined by about 43% since the early 1990s. Lion populations are untenable outside designated protected areas. Although the cause of the decline is not fully understood, habitat loss and conflicts with humans are the greatest causes for concern. One of the most widely recognised animal symbols in human culture, the lion has been extensively depicted in sculptures and paintings, on national flags, and in contemporary films and literature. Lions have been kept in menageries since the time of the Roman Empire and have been a key species sought for exhibition in zoological gardens across the world since the late 18th century. Cultural depictions of lions were prominent in Ancient Egypt, and depictions have occurred in virtually all ancient and medieval cultures in the lion's former and current ranges. 🔗 Lion
🌐: أسد, Şir, Лъв, সিংহ, Lav, Lev, Løve, Löwe, Λιοντάρι, Panthera leo, Lõvi, شیر (گربه‌سان), Leijona, Lion, אריה, सिंह (पशु), Lav, Oroszlán, Singa, Panthera leo, ライオン, ლომი, Арыстан, 사자, Liūtas, Lauva, Singa, ခြင်္သေ့, Leeuw (dier), Løve, Lew afrykański, Leão, Leu, Лев, Lev púšťový, Lev, Luani, Лав, Lejon, สิงโต, Aslan, Лев, Sư tử, 狮.

🦁Examples and Usage

🔸 🦁The Detroit Lions crushed their opponents in all aspects and won the away game.
🔸 The cat family embraces lions🦁 and tigers🐯.

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Date Range: 2019-02-17 - 2024-02-04
Update Time: 2024-02-14 17:30:41 UTC
🦁and in the past five years, the overall popularity of this emoji has risen and then leveled off. In 2017 and 2018, the trend of its popularity converge.

🦁Basic Information

Emoji: 🦁
Shortname: lion
Apple Name: lion face
Known as: Cute Lion | Timid Lion
Codepoint: U+1F981 Copy
Decimal: ALT+129409
Unicode Version: 8.0 (2015-06-09)
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: 🐵 Animals & Nature
Sub Categories: 🐀 Mammal
Keywords: face | Leo | lion | zodiac

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