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🦉Meaning and Description

The head is wide and large, and the eyes are round and bright. It usually refers to the owl itself. Because owls are nocturnal, they can also be used to indicate strong night vision. In recent years, it is popular to be used with famous Canadian hip-hop singer Drake.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🦉 is owl, it is related to bird, wise, it can be found in emoji category: "🐵 Animals & Nature" - "🐓 animal-bird".

Wikipedia: 🦉 Owl
Owls are birds from the order Strigiformes , which includes over 200 species of mostly solitary and nocturnal birds of prey typified by an upright stance, a large, broad head, binocular vision, binaural hearing, sharp talons, and feathers adapted for silent flight. Exceptions include the diurnal northern hawk-owl and the gregarious burrowing owl. Owls hunt mostly small mammals, insects, and other birds, although a few species specialize in hunting fish. They are found in all regions of the Earth except the polar ice caps and some remote islands. Owls are divided into two families: the true (or typical) owl family, Strigidae, and the barn-owl family, Tytonidae. A group of owls is called a "parliament." 🔗 Owl
🌐: بوميات, Bayquşkimilər, Совоподобни, প্যাঁচা, Sovy, Ugle-ordenen, Eulen, Κουκουβάγια, Strigiformes, Kakulised, جغد, Pöllölinnut, Strigiformes, דורסי לילה, उल्लू, Sovke, Bagolyalakúak, Burung hantu, Strigiformes, フクロウ目, ბუსნაირნი, Жапалақтәрізділер, 올빼미목, Pelėdiniai paukščiai, Pūčveidīgie, Burung Hantu, Uilen (orde), Ugler, Sowy, Strigiformes, Strigiforme, Совообразные, Sovotvaré, Sove, Сове, Ugglefåglar, นกเค้า, Baykuş, Совоподібні, Bộ Cú, 貓頭鷹.

🦉Examples and Usage

🔸 They are night owls 🦉and have anxiety.
🔸 Night owls 🦉for instance, generally feel tired later than early birds 🐦.

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🦉Basic Information

Emoji: 🦉
Shortname: owl
Apple Name: owl
Codepoint: U+1F989 Copy
Decimal: ALT+129417
Unicode Version: 9.0 (2016-06-03)
Emoji Version: 3.0 (2016-06-03)
Categories: 🐵 Animals & Nature
Sub Categories: 🐓 animal-bird
Keywords: bird | owl | wise

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