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🦔Meaning and Description

Say hello to our adorable little pal, the Hedgehog emoji🦔! This teeny-tiny critter is shown in a side view on most platforms. It has bead-like eyes full of curiosity and a teeny button nose, radiating a vibe of pure, pixelated innocence. The body of the hedgehog is shaped like an oval, with its top part consisting of spikes, representative of the hedgehog's protective quills.

The "🦔" emoji represents a hedgehog, a small spiny mammal found in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand. It might also be used when discussing pets, as some people keep hedgehogs as pets.

The Hedgehog emoji can also serve as a symbol of cuteness, joy, or enthusiasm. Its adorable appearance helps deliver a sense of happiness in conversations. While it specifically depicts a hedgehog, in casual chats, it can represent other similar-looking critters like porcupines or echidnas. Another layer to 🦔 use can be hinting at someone's defensive nature🛡, likening it to the hedgehog's prickly exterior, suggesting they might be tough to approach or get close to.
💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🦔 is hedgehog, it is related to spiny, it can be found in emoji category: "🐵 Animals & Nature" - "🐀 Mammal".

🦔Examples and Usage

🔸 You look like a hedgehog🦔. Why don't you use some hair gel?
🔸 I poked her in the stomach and she curled up like a hedgehog🦔, giggling.

🦔Basic Information

Emoji: 🦔
Shortname: hedgehog
Apple Name: hedgehog
Codepoint: U+1F994 Copy
Decimal: ALT+129428
Unicode Version: 10.0 (2017-06-20)
Emoji Version: 5.0 (2017-06-20)
Categories: 🐵 Animals & Nature
Sub Categories: 🐀 Mammal
Keywords: hedgehog | spiny
Proposal: L2/16‑295R

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🦔Trend Chart

🦔Popularity rating over time

🦔 Trend Chart (U+1F994) - emojiall.com 100 75 50 25 0 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 🦔 www.emojiall.comemojiall.com
Date Range: 2019-04-14 - 2024-04-14
Update Time: 2024-04-14 17:33:54 UTC
The early popularity of emoji 🦔 was very low, almost zero.and in the last five years, the popularity of this emoji has undergone several large changes.In 2021-04-25, the trend of its popularity rate began to rise.

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Arabic🦔 قنفد
Bulgarian🦔 таралеж
Chinese, Simplified🦔 刺猬
Chinese, Traditional🦔 刺蝟
Croatian🦔 jež
Czech🦔 ježek
Danish🦔 pindsvin
Dutch🦔 egel
Filipino🦔 hedgehog
Finnish🦔 siili
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