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🦮Meaning and Description

Extend a warm welcome to the 🦮 emoji, affectionately referred to as the "Guide Dog" or "Seeing Eye Dog". It displays a full-bodied dog, usually in shades of light brown or tan, with a harness over its body. This harness is a key feature distinguishing this emoji from 🐕 and 🐕‍🦺, indicating this dog's special role as a guide for people with visual impairments. The breed of the dog can vary by platform, but it's often a Labrador Retriever or similar breed, given these dogs are commonly trained as service animals.

The idea of guide dogs dates back to ancient times, but the first guide dog training schools were established in Germany during World War I, to enhance the mobility of returning veterans who were blinded in combat.

The 🦮 emoji is used to represent guide dogs and, by extension, themes of assistance, accessibility, and independence. It can be used when discussing topics related to visual impairments, accessibility issues, or the amazing work of service animals. So, whether you're sharing information about guide dogs, advocating for accessibility, or expressing gratitude for the incredible work of these animals, the 🦮 emoji is a suitable choice.

Advocacy for disability rights is another context where the guide dog emoji finds its place. It can be used to spread awareness about the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities, show solidarity with the movement, or cheer on its achievements. It can be found in captions featuring guide dogs, tweets advocating for better accessibility, or posts sharing stories of service animals.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🦮 is guide dog, it is related to accessibility, blind, guide, it can be found in emoji category: "🐵 Animals & Nature" - "🐀 animal-mammal".

Wikipedia: 🦮 Guide dog
Guide dogs (colloquially known in the USA as seeing eye dogs) are assistance dogs trained to lead blind and visually impaired people around obstacles. Although dogs can be trained to navigate various obstacles, they are red–green color blind and incapable of interpreting street signs. The human does the directing, based on skills acquired through previous mobility training. The handler might be likened to an aircraft's navigator, who must know how to get from one place to another, and the dog is the pilot, who gets them there safely. In several countries guide dogs, along with most other service and hearing dogs, are exempt from regulations against the presence of animals in places such as restaurants and public transportation. 🔗 Guide dog
🌐: كلب مرافقة المكفوفين, Vodicí pes, Førerhund, Blindenhund, Perro guía, Juhtkoer, Opaskoira, Chien guide d'aveugle, כלב נחייה, Anjing pemandu, Cane guida, 盲導犬, 안내견, Šuo vedlys, Anjing pandu, Geleidehond, Førerhund, Cão-guia, Собака-поводырь, Pas-vodič, Ledarhund, Chó dẫn đường, 導盲犬.

🦮Examples and Usage

🔸 Guide dogs🦮 are allowed to go where other animals are not, boarding airplanes, for example, and trains.
🔸 If your dog is right-pawed and the swirl goes anti-clockwise, then your dog is more likely to be calm, confident and self-assured exactly the traits that a guide dog🦮 needs.

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🦮Basic Information

Emoji: 🦮
Shortname: guide dog
Known as: Seeing Eye Dog
Codepoint: U+1F9AE Copy
Decimal: ALT+129454
Unicode Version: 12.0 (2019-03-05) New
Emoji Version: 12.0 (2019-03-05) New
Categories: 🐵 Animals & Nature
Sub Categories: 🐀 animal-mammal
Keywords: accessibility | blind | guide | guide dog

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🦮More Languages

Language Short Name & Link
Albanian🦮 qen udhëzues
Portuguese, International🦮 cão-guia
Indonesian🦮 anjing pemandu
Arabic🦮 كلب دليل
Chinese, Simplified🦮 导盲犬
Spanish🦮 perro guía
Japanese🦮 盲導犬
French🦮 chien guide
Russian🦮 собака-поводырь
Vietnamese🦮 chó dẫn đường