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“🧜” meaning: merperson, merboy Emoji

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🧜Meaning and Description

This is a merperson. The merperson in fairy tales is always beautiful, and there have been countless legends about a merperson from ancient times to the present. However, in some legends, the merperson will use their beautiful face and beautiful singing voice to seduce human sailors to the depths of the sea🌊, there will be winds and waves submerging human ships 🛶. Kind and beautiful, or evil and powerful, merperson always has its unique charm. It can also be used to describe someone who is good at swimming. There are two other versions of this emoji: 🧜‍♂(merman), 🧜‍♀(mermaid)

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🧜 is merperson, it is related to mermaid, merman, merwoman, it can be found in emoji category: "👌 People & Body" - "🎅 person-fantasy".

🧜 is an Emoji modifier base, it can be used as a single Emoji, and can also be combined with the skin tone Emoji modifier to form a new Emoji. There are 5 types of Emoji modifiers, namely: 🏻, 🏼, 🏽, 🏾, 🏿. 🧜 is combined with these skin tone Emoji modifiers to form new Emoji modifier sequences. The following are examples of the combination:
Wikipedia: 🧜 Merfolk
Merfolk or merpeople are legendary water-dwelling human-like beings. They are attested in folklore and mythology throughout the ages in various parts of the world. Female merfolk may be referred to as mermaids, although in a strict sense mermaids are confined to beings who are half-woman and half-fish in appearance. Male merfolk are called mermen. Depending on the story, they can be described as ugly or beautiful. 🔗 Merfolk
🌐: S:述異記 (四庫全書本)/卷下.

🧜Examples and Usage

🔸 The coach said that I swim like a merperson. 🧜

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🧜Basic Information

Emoji: 🧜
Shortname: merperson
Apple Name: merperson
Known as: Merboy | Mergirl | Mermaid | Merman
Codepoint: U+1F9DC Copy
Decimal: ALT+129500
Unicode Version: 10.0 (2017-06-20)
Emoji Version: 5.0 (2017-06-20)
Categories: 👌 People & Body
Sub Categories: 🎅 person-fantasy
Keywords: mermaid | merman | merperson | merwoman

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