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Meaning and Description

The "Wing" emoji , in all its glory, features a single, elegant bird's wing, spread wide, as if in flight. The details are impressive, with carefully etched feathers, giving off a sense of delicate strength. Its color palette ranges from a soothing grey to a soft white, adding a touch of serenity to your messages.

But what does the Wing emoji really mean? Well, it's all about freedom, aspiration, and soaring high. It's the digital embodiment of spreading your wings and flying, used to express a sense of liberation, ambition, or even just to show some love for our feathered friends in the sky.

On our daily social media, the emoji serves as a versatile symbol for various concepts related to flying, whether that's in a literal or figurative sense. It can be part of idiomatic expressions like 'when pigs fly' or 'time flies', lending a visual element to these sayings. Moreover, this emoji often comes into play when discussing angels, or to describe someone or something possessing an angelic quality.

In the slang world, it's often used as a symbol for "taking off" or "moving up" in life. For instance, if someone's just scored a big promotion, they might drop the Wing emoji in their status update. It's more than just a fun symbol, it's a statement of ambition, freedom, and soaring high above the ordinary!
Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol is wing, it is related to angelic, aviation, bird, flying, mythology, it can be found in emoji category: " Animals & Nature" - " Bird".

Examples and Usage

Why do chickens have wings if they can't fly?
I did a lot of shopping today.
He is my safe haven

Basic Information

Shortname: wing
Codepoint: U+1FABD Copy
Decimal: ALT+129725
Unicode Version: 15.0 (2022-09-13) New
Emoji Version: 15.0 (2022-09-13) New
Categories: Animals & Nature
Sub Categories: Bird
Keywords: angelic | aviation | bird | flying | mythology | wing
Proposal: L2/21198

Unicode Information (Advanced Usage)

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More Languages

Language Short Name & Link
Arabic 堿塈堶
Bulgarian 郕邽郅郋
Chinese, Simplified
Chinese, Traditional
Croatian krilo
Czech k穩dlo
Danish vinge
Dutch vleugel
Filipino pakpak
Finnish siipi
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