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🫏Meaning and Description

Take a closer look at the cute Donkey Emoji "🫏", some of you may recognize it as the "mule" emoji. Visually, this emoji depicts a grey donkey or mule shown in full profile, with a distinctive pair of upright ears. Within all these designs, Google even portrays their donkey with its hind legs playfully kicking into the air. Perfect for adding a dash of whimsy to your messages.

The donkey emoji is more than just a cute depiction of this resilient animal. It's often used to symbolize qualities traditionally associated with donkeys such as perseverance, diligence, and a little bit of stubbornness. It can also signify transportation, harking back to when donkeys were widely used as working animals.

Additionally, it's worth noting that in some corners of the internet, the donkey emoji might carry more covert meanings, like smuggling d🌿gs across borders, or being a jackass. In this case, you may need to be mindful with your usage of the donkey emoji.

In a more contemporary context, 🫏 is often used to represent the Democratic Party in the United States, due to their long-standing symbol of a donkey. 💡The origins of the Democratic donkey can be traced to the 1828 presidential campaign of Andrew Jackson, when his rivals tried to insult him by calling him a jackass (a donkey). But Jackson wasn't feeling offended, even using the donkey symbol to represent his populist views and stubbornness. He also included the animal in his campaign posters, showing his sense of humor and strategic mind. Later, the political cartoonist Thomas Nast👨‍🎨 popularized the donkey as a symbol for the Democrats in his illustrations for Harper’s Weekly magazine. And by the way, the stubborn, hard-working donkey became a powerful contrast to the elephant🐘, which was taken up as the symbol of the Republican Party, the Democrats' main competitor.

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The meaning of emoji symbol 🫏 is donkey, it is related to animal, ass, burro, mammal, mule, stubborn, it can be found in emoji category: "🐵 Animals & Nature" - "🐀 Mammal".

🫏Examples and Usage

🔸 Since ancient times, donkeys have been heavily used for work such as riding and carrying luggage🫏.
🔸 You donkey🫏, he only wants to take advantage of you😱!!

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🫏Basic Information

Emoji: 🫏
Shortname: donkey
Codepoint: U+1FACF Copy
Decimal: ALT+129743
Unicode Version: 15.0 (2022) New
Emoji Version: 15.0 (2022-09-13) New
Categories: 🐵 Animals & Nature
Sub Categories: 🐀 Mammal
Keywords: animal | ass | burro | donkey | mammal | mule | stubborn

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Language Short Name & Link
Bosnian🫏 magarac
Slovenian🫏 osel
Chinese, Simplified🫏 驴
Finnish🫏 aasi
Norwegian Bokmål🫏 esel
Bulgarian🫏 магаре
Georgian🫏 ვირი
Persian🫏 الاغ
Thai🫏 ลา
Polish🫏 osioł