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🫚Meaning and Description

This emoji is a ginger root, which is a part of the stem of the ginger plant that grows underground. It usually looks like a small, pale brown, twisted root. It has a rough and bumpy texture and a spicy and aromatic flavor.

Since this emoji was released in 2022, it cannot be used normally on some devices that do not support displaying it, such as some phones with Android system.

Ginger root has a long history of being used for various purposes, such as food, medicine, spice, and perfume. It originated in Southeast Asia and was spread by traders to other parts of the world, such as India, China, Europe, and Africa. It is one of the most widely consumed spices in the world and has many health benefits. It is a very common seasoning in Chinese cuisine🥡, mainly used in meat dishes to remove the fishy taste from meat🥩.

The ginger root emoji can be used to talk about ginger root or roots in general. It can also be used to talk about spice, flavor, cooking, or baking. Whether you are expressing your love for ginger-infused pie or sushi🍣 garnished with pickled ginger, this emoji is there for you.

It also often appears in the topics related to health, medicine, and wellness, because ginger has been highly regarded for its medicinal properties since ancient times.

💡Extended reading and popular science

The meaning of emoji symbol 🫚 is ginger root, it is related to beer, root, spice, it can be found in emoji category: "🍓 Food & Drink" - "🥬 food-vegetable".

🫚Examples and Usage

🔸 A hot ginger drink can prevent cold and inflammation☕🫚.
🔸 Don't forget to leave some ginger cookies for Mr. Santa🎅🫚!

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🫚Basic Information

Emoji: 🫚
Shortname: ginger root
Codepoint: U+1FADA Copy
Decimal: ALT+129754
Unicode Version: 15.0 (2022) New
Emoji Version: 15.0 (2022-09-13) New
Categories: 🍓 Food & Drink
Sub Categories: 🥬 food-vegetable
Keywords: beer | ginger root | root | spice

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