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🫨Meaning and Description

This emoji is typically depicted as a face tilted at a 45-degree angle. The lines on either side of the cheeks and the blurred facial features suggest that this little yellow face is shaking vigorously. Its eyes and mouth are wide open in three big "O" shapes😮, as if exclaiming in shock or disbelief.

The origins of the shaking face icon can be traced back to the comic book and cartoon trope of a character's face shaking from shock or disbelief. This visual cue was used to convey intense reactions to unexpected situations or revelations.

This emoji is meant to convey a wide range of emotions and situations involving shaking or shock. The shaking can be due to external factors, such as the ground shaking from an earthquake. It can also express inner states of turmoil, such as shaking with fear, shock😲, confusion, or disbelief. Furthermore, the shaking face can represent anticipation or excitement, the thrill of something unexpected happening, or the disorienting feeling of dizziness or seeing double.

🫨 isn't just for expressing shock or fear, however. It has also found a home in more light-hearted and humorous contexts. For instance, it can be used to playfully exaggerate a reaction to a surprising piece of news🗞️, or to dramatize the impact of a loud music concert. On the other hand, it can also encapsulate the feeling of a double-take when you see something unbelievable. In conversations about thrilling adventures or suspenseful movies, the shaking face emoji can perfectly capture the feeling of anticipation or excitement. Moreover, in discussions about health👨‍⚕️, it can help convey the sensation of dizziness or experiencing double vision.

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The meaning of emoji symbol 🫨 is shaking face, it is related to earthquake, face, shaking, shock, vibrate, it can be found in emoji category: "😂 Smileys & Emotion" - "🤐 Neutral & Skeptical Face".

🫨Examples and Usage

🔸 🫨How can there be such an ugly product design???
🔸 This picture is so blurry that I thought I was nearsighted🫨
🔸 🫨NOOOOOOO!!! I can't accept this ending!!!

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🫨Basic Information

Emoji: 🫨
Shortname: shaking face
Codepoint: U+1FAE8 Copy
Decimal: ALT+129768
Unicode Version: 15.0 (2022-09-13) New
Emoji Version: 15.0 (2022-09-13) New
Categories: 😂 Smileys & Emotion
Sub Categories: 🤐 Neutral & Skeptical Face
Keywords: earthquake | face | shaking | shock | vibrate

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