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🇳🇺Meaning and Description

This is the flag of Niue, with a yellow background and a British flag pattern in the upper left corner 🇬🇧 with five stars on it ⭐ . The yellow background represents the close relationship with New Zealand 🇳🇿 . The British flag indicates that Niue was once a British colony. The cross-shaped stars above represent the constellation of Southern Cross, the largest circle in the middle. The blue five-pointed star pattern is a symbol of independence. (⚠️: Niue is still New Zealand.) Its capital is Alofi.
🇳🇺 is the Emoji of a country/region‘s flag, and its meaning is flag: Niue. The Emoji 🇳🇺 is composed of two regional indicator letters, namely 🇳 and 🇺. The country/region's 2-letter code for Niue is NU, so the letters corresponding to the two region indicator letters are N and U. 🇳🇺 is displayed as a whole flag on most platforms and as a two-letter symbol on a few platforms.

💡Extended reading and popular science

🇳🇺 (NU) = 🇳 (N) + 🇺 (U)

The meaning of emoji symbol 🇳🇺 is flag: Niue, it is related to flag, it can be found in emoji category: "🏁 Flags" - "🇬🇧 Country & Region Flag".

Wikipedia: 🇳🇺 Flag of Niue
The flag of Niue was adopted on 15 October 1975. It consists of the Union Jack in the upper left corner with a star in the middle of the Union Jack and four stars forming a diamond around it. It is very unusual for a flag based on a British ensign design, in having not only a yellow background, but also a defaced (edited) Union Jack in the canton. It was designed by Patricia Rex, the wife of the then-Premier Robert Rex. 🔗 Flag of Niue
🌐: علم نييوي, Национално знаме на Ниуе, Vlajka Niue, Flagge Niues, Σημαία του Νιούε, Bandera de Niue, پرچم نیووی, Niuen lippu, Drapeau de Niue, דגל ניואה, Zastava Niuea, Niue zászlaja, Bandiera di Niue, ニウエの国旗, 니우에의 기, Niujės vėliava, Vlag van Niue, Flaga Niue, Bandeira de Niue, Флаг Ниуэ, Vlajka Niue, Застава Нијуеа, Niues flagga, ธงนีวเว, Niue bayrağı, Прапор Ніуе, 紐埃國旗.

🇳🇺Examples and Usage

🔸 In Niue 🇳🇺 , the car 🚘 drives on the left.
🔸 1974 - Niue 🇳🇺 becomes independent from New Zealand.

🔸 🇳🇺: Niue ☎ International Calling Code: +683 🔗 Top-Level Domain: .nu

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🇳🇺Basic Information

Emoji: 🇳🇺
Shortname: flag: Niue
Apple Name: flag of Niue
Known as: Niuean Flag
Codepoint: U+1F1F3 1F1FA Copy
Decimal: ALT+127475 ALT+127482
Unicode Version: None
Emoji Version: 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Categories: 🏁 Flags
Sub Categories: 🇬🇧 Country & Region Flag
Keywords: flag
Proposal: L2/09‑379

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📖Extended Knowledge

Country 🇳🇺 NU - Niue
Capital City Alofi
Area (sq km) 260
Population 2,166
Currency NZD - Dollar
  • niu - Niuean
  • en-NU
Continent OC - Oceania

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