Unicode is an industry standard in the field of computer science. Codepoint is the unique number assigned to each Unicode character specified under the Unicode encoding scheme. Without it, the same encoding will be interpreted as different characters on different computers and platforms.

Unicode is widely used in computers, the Internet, programming languages and modern operating systems. It makes various texts compatible on different platforms and presents them uniformly.

Emoji’s entry into Unicode is an important turning point. Before this, emoji was created by different manufacturers themselves, which made emoji incompatible between devices of different manufacturers, which directly led people to use emoji to communicate on different devices. For this reason, the Unicode Consortium has formed a committee for Emoji, Emoji Subcommittee, to unify and standardize Emoji.

The Unicode Consortium releases a new version of Unicode every year, and as its version is updated, new emojis will emerge. At present, Unicode adds a new gender "neutral" in the latest version, as well as brand new emoji such as bubble tea emoji and ninja emoji.