Some emojis are from pictographs, so they have sources. Each source may include other characters in addition to emoji, and Unicode characters can correspond to multiple sources.

Emoji Sources have 5 categories:

  • Zapf Dingbats(abbr: z): A common dingbat typeface which designed by the typographer Hermann Zapf in 1978.
  • ARIB(abbr: a): Characters that defined by the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses.
  • Japanese carriers(abbr: j): The standardized characters which uniformly released by the three major carriers of Japan in 2010 (DoCoMo&SoftBank&KDDI).
  • Wingdings & Webdings(abbr: w): A series of dingbat fonts of Microsoft that presents letters as various symbols.
  • Other(abbr: x): If emoji does not belong to any of the above categories, then it belongs to 'other'.