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The Spring Festival is different from the New Year's Day. It is the Lunar New Year, which is the first day of the first lunar month. The Spring Festival originated from the ancient year-end sacrifice-wax sacrifice, which is used to pray for good weather and good harvest. It has a history of 4-5 thousand years. During the Spring Festival, people will bring gifts 🎁 to visit relatives and friends. The younger generation will pay New Year's greetings to their elders 🙇🙏 and ask for lucky money and red envelopes🧧. People's clothes 👗 are mainly red and bright colors to show celebration and usually take a picture of the whole family 👪 . Of course, dumplings 🥟 are indispensable for family reunion. Many people will hang lanterns 🏮. Lion 🦁 and dragon 🐉 dances are also common on the streets. Fireworks 🧨🎇🎆 can be seen in some places. There is a jubilant atmosphere everywhere. Tips: firecrackers 🧨 have been a custom since the Han Dynasty. The Wei Dynasty and Jin Dynasty started the custom of setting off firecrackers and lighting up lanterns 🏮🕯️ to keep up with the New Year and giving out lucky money 💰️ and red envelopes 🧧 . The Tang Dynasty began with a 7-day holiday 🧳🏖️ . Later Shu Dynasty began to have Spring Festival couplets ✍️ . The custom of eating dumplings 🥟 began in the Song Dynasty.