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Welcome to After a period of preparation, this website is finally available, and it will be a long-lasting project, because my idea of doing this emoji-related project was actually a few years ago, but now I’m starting to pay. Implemented. ✌

I am an antique-level network user. I was a computer fan before the Internet. I also started a dial-up BBS. At the time, it was only a text interface. There was no picture, but at that time we started using a character-like expression :-)

With the development of the Internet, the use of expressions is increasing. From Skype, QQ, WeChat, gmail, etc., various platforms are embedded with expression functions, such as text, picture, animation, and now video and AR expressions. . 👍

The Unicode-based Emoji is a character standard that is more versatile than the different forms scattered on various platforms. Hardware manufacturers, operating system vendors, and large software vendors are gradually supporting, and their forms of expression are constantly enhanced and their vitality is strong. 💪

This website is the beginning of our project. Later, there will be videos, surrounding products, books and other carriers launched one after another. Welcome everyone to pay attention, thank you! 🤝