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The project was launched in February 2019. The previous project was mainly to make an emoji expression dictionary project. It was placed under a second-level domain name of Initially, it was written in four languages: English, French, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, because we have specialized talents in these languages, we can guarantee the quality of the content, and we should add more languages in the future. 🌐

The website of this emoji expression dictionary is more complicated than we think. We didn't know much about emoji before. It was not very simple to find out. It contains multiple versions, and various variants. I have found phrases and keywords of the explained words on the Unicode official website, but the description and introduction still require us to write original content. ✍️

There are also a lot of technical difficulties: Unicode about emoji standards, emoji symbols and Unicode, all emoji supplements, import of different language phrases and keywords, division of classification, emoji storage and sorting in MySQL database, the acquisition and correspondence of emoji pictures of various manufacturers, the understanding of emoji pictures and font copyrights, etc. 👨‍💻

After achieving a certain degree, it is found that there are some problems in the previous planning. The second-level domain name will be changed to the independent top-level domain name, and one centralized station will be divided into multiple second-level domain sub-sites (dictionary, blog, book, shop etc.), the database table storage method changed back to Drupal's node/taxonomy mode, and by the way, the previous Drupal 7 website was changed to the latest Drupal 8 website. 🚧

In addition, a brand new emoji copy website is also in preparation, in order to meet the needs of most ordinary users to find, copy and paste emoji expressions. At present, the implementation plan, interface preliminary design, image synthesis and css split display have been planned. It is expected that it will take several weeks to complete and launch. ✌

Our youtube channel has been launched in February. The main part is preliminary understanding and experiment. At present, we are fully turning to emoji. The modes, layouts and video tools are all in preparation. We will continue to accumulate and exert strength in the next few months. We have reason to believe that we will make new breakthroughs. ✊

This blog is now recorded here, and will continue to update our project progress in the future, so stay tuned, thank you! 🤝