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With more and more using of emoticon in the communication of Internet. Do you find that the emoticons in the input method are not enough?  So is there a comprehensive, specialized tool for looking up and copying more emoticons?  Our team just launched a single-page web application which can solve your urgent problem, and it's also available in multiple languages:

This tool can be adaptively displayed on the computer and mobile phones. The screenshot in the computer is as follows:


The screenshot of the mobile phone is as follows:


As you can see from the above, our tool also supports two modes: picture display and local display:

  • Picture mode: Fully open source Emoji pictures, complete rendering, beautiful and tidy, the speed is slightly slower when loading for the first time;

  • Local mode: It adopts the Emoji character method that comes with this device, which is faster and easier to distinguish which Emoji display is not supported by this device.

There are two ways to search:

Description of other characteristic:

  • The content is selected and comprehensive, the Emoji characters provided for copying are carefully selected to cover the needs of most users, and are much more than the Emoji expressions that come with the input method of computer and mobile phone;

  • The copying operation is simple and intuitive, and the advanced JS program is used to realize one-click copying. It is  convenient for the mouse operation and the touch screen operation. An OK sign will be displayed if the copying success, the meaning displayed when the mouse is over the Emoji;

  • It can be used for all major operating systems like Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, adapted and tested on various platforms;

  • Adopted by Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, QQ, Weibo and other social software applications, as long as it supports Emoji.

It seems to be a simple functional website. But Our senior designers and programmers have also spent a lot of effort on it. We have done all kinds of tests and improvements, and we will continue to improve it in the future.

Nothing more to say, let's try it, I believe it will become a tool popular for thepeople, click on the name or URL below to enter:

Emoji Copy ✂ Paste

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