Baidu (百度) and related products are support all emoji symbols. Taking Baidu Tieba as an example, it also has hundreds of independently designed Tieba emoticons, most of which have corresponding emoji. Especially noteworthy is the "滑稽"(funny) emoticon, which has become extremely popular in China. These emoticons can be entered using the emoticon keyboard (menu) in Tieba, or they can be entered in the format of #(name) for quick input. For example, entering #(酷) (cool) and sending it will convert this text into a Tieba emoticon that looks like 😎 and send it to others. Note: Only the app can use quick input.

ℹNote: Regardless of how similar Baidu emoticons and emojis are, their essential difference is that the former are images and the latter are characters. They were created to solve the problem that some new emojis or special characters could not be displayed during social interactions (mainly because some systems did not support them in time), reducing communication barriers. As major platforms increasingly support emojis, this form of character expression has become more and more popular.

The following is a list of Emoji pictures designed by Baidu, which is divided into 10 parts according to 10 categories. Each category lists the Emoji to which the category belongs, including the Emoji picture and the corresponding short name.

You can click on the picture or text to enter the dedicated page of this Emoji, and view the description, usage examples, technical data, pictures of other vendors and more detailed information of this Emoji.

If you are using a mobile phone, you can press and hold the Emoji picture to display the menu, and then choose to download or share the picture.

If you are using a computer, you can right-click on the Emoji picture to display the menu, and then choose to download or copy the picture.

Emoji images list provided by Baidu

Images Name

Baidu emoticons and its corresponding Emoji

Images Name Corresponding Emoji
呵呵 呵呵 🙂slightly smiling face
哈哈 哈哈 😃grinning face with big eyes
吐舌 吐舌 😋face savoring food
啊 啊 😦frowning face with open mouth
酷 酷 😎smiling face with sunglasses
怒 怒 😡enraged face
开心 开心 ☺smiling face
汗 汗 😓downcast face with sweat
泪 泪 😭loudly crying face
黑线 黑线 😅grinning face with sweat
鄙视 鄙视 😒unamused face
不高兴 不高兴 ☹frowning face
真棒 真棒 👍thumbs up
钱 钱 🤑money-mouth face
疑问 疑问 🤨face with raised eyebrow
阴险 阴险 😈smiling face with horns
吐 吐 🤮face vomiting
咦 咦 😕confused face
委屈 委屈 🥺pleading face
花心 花心 😍smiling face with heart-eyes
呼~ 呼~ 😦frowning face with open mouth
笑眼 笑眼 😆grinning squinting face
冷 冷 😐neutral face
太开心 太开心 🤣rolling on the floor laughing
滑稽 滑稽 😏smirking face
勉强 勉强 😉winking face
狂汗 狂汗 😰anxious face with sweat
乖 乖 😳flushed face
睡觉 睡觉 😴sleeping face
惊哭 惊哭 😱face screaming in fear
生气 生气 😤face with steam from nose
惊讶 惊讶 😲astonished face
喷 喷 🤬face with symbols on mouth
爱心 爱心 ❤red heart
心碎 心碎 💔broken heart
玫瑰 玫瑰 🌹rose
礼物 礼物 🎁wrapped gift
彩虹 彩虹 🌈rainbow
星星月亮 星星月亮 🌙crescent moon
太阳 太阳 🌞sun with face
钱币 钱币 🪙coin
灯泡 灯泡 💡light bulb
茶杯 茶杯 ☕hot beverage
蛋糕 蛋糕 🎂birthday cake
音乐 音乐 🎵musical note
haha haha 🤟love-you gesture
胜利 胜利 ✌victory hand
大拇指 大拇指 👍thumbs up
弱 弱 👎thumbs down
OK OK 👌OK hand
瓜 瓜 🍉watermelon
翔 翔 💩pile of poo
吓 吓 😨fearful face
帅 帅 😏smirking face
小乖 小乖 😌relieved face
捂嘴笑 捂嘴笑 🤭face with hand over mouth
你懂的 你懂的 😏smirking face
what what 🤯exploding head
酸爽 酸爽 🥴woozy face
呀咩爹 呀咩爹 😫tired face
笑尿 笑尿 😂face with tears of joy
挖鼻 挖鼻 🤨face with raised eyebrow
犀利 犀利 🙁slightly frowning face
小红脸 小红脸 🥺pleading face
懒得理 懒得理 😑expressionless face
沙发 沙发 🛋couch and lamp
手纸 手纸 🧻roll of paper
香蕉 香蕉 🍌banana
便便 便便 💩pile of poo
药丸 药丸 💊pill
红领巾 红领巾 🎗reminder ribbon
蜡烛 蜡烛 🕯candle
三道杠 三道杠 3️digit three
暗中观察 暗中观察 👀eyes
吃瓜 吃瓜 🍉watermelon
喝酒 喝酒 🍺beer mug
嘿嘿嘿 嘿嘿嘿 😁beaming face with smiling eyes
噗 噗 🤭face with hand over mouth
困成狗 困成狗 🥱yawning face
微微一笑 微微一笑 🙂slightly smiling face
托腮 托腮 🤔thinking face
摊手 摊手 🤷person shrugging
柯基暗中观察 柯基暗中观察 👀eyes
欢呼 欢呼 🙌raising hands
炸药 炸药 🧨firecracker
突然兴奋 突然兴奋 🤩star-struck
紧张 紧张 😟worried face
黑头瞪眼 黑头瞪眼 👤bust in silhouette
黑头高兴 黑头高兴 🗣speaking head
😊smiling face with smiling eyes
😏smirking face
😃grinning face with big eyes
😄grinning face with smiling eyes
🥳partying face
😌relieved face
😂face with tears of joy
😩weary face
😲astonished face
😅grinning face with sweat
😡enraged face
🥺pleading face
😔pensive face
😲astonished face
😭loudly crying face
😚kissing face with closed eyes
🤤drooling face
😍smiling face with heart-eyes
😎smiling face with sunglasses
😦frowning face with open mouth
😵face with crossed-out eyes
🐶dog face
🙄face with rolling eyes
😏smirking face
😴sleeping face
😪sleepy face
🙅person gesturing NO
🤬face with symbols on mouth
🤯exploding head
🤫shushing face
🤐zipper-mouth face
😱face screaming in fear
🤮face vomiting
🤑money-mouth face
🇨🇳flag: China
🎉party popper
🎂birthday cake
👍thumbs up
🌊water wave
😅grinning face with sweat
🙈see-no-evil monkey
😠angry face
🧧red envelope
🚄high-speed train
🍺beer mug
⚽soccer ball
👏clapping hands
🙏folded hands
😘face blowing a kiss
😇smiling face with halo
🌸cherry blossom
💪flexed biceps
🔫water pistol