Douyin (TikTok) supports all emoji symbols, and it also has hundreds of independently designed Douyin emoticons, most of which have corresponding emoji. These emoticons can be input using the emoji keyboard (menu) in Douyin, or they can be quickly inputted by adding square brackets "[]" around the emoticon name. For example, typing [微笑] (smile) and sending it will convert the text to an emoji similar to 🙂 and send it to the recipient.

ℹNote: Regardless of how similar Douyin emoticons and emojis are, their essential difference is that the former are images and the latter are characters. They were created to solve the problem that some new emojis or special characters could not be displayed during social interactions (mainly because some systems did not support them in time), reducing communication barriers. As major platforms increasingly support emojis, this form of character expression has become more and more popular.

The following is a list of Emoji pictures designed by Douyin, which is divided into 10 parts according to 10 categories. Each category lists the Emoji to which the category belongs, including the Emoji picture and the corresponding short name.

You can click on the picture or text to enter the dedicated page of this Emoji, and view the description, usage examples, technical data, pictures of other vendors and more detailed information of this Emoji.

If you are using a mobile phone, you can press and hold the Emoji picture to display the menu, and then choose to download or share the picture.

If you are using a computer, you can right-click on the Emoji picture to display the menu, and then choose to download or copy the picture.

Emoji images list provided by Douyin

Images Name
[V5] [V5]
[给力] [给力]
[嘿哈] [嘿哈]
[加好友] [加好友]
[勾引] [勾引]
[机智] [机智]
[来看我] [来看我]
[灵机一动] [灵机一动]
[困] [困]
[疑问] [疑问]
[泣不成声] [泣不成声]
[小鼓掌] [小鼓掌]
[发呆] [发呆]
[吐血] [吐血]
[酷拽] [酷拽]
[泪奔] [泪奔]
[抠鼻] [抠鼻]
[互粉] [互粉]
[去污粉] [去污粉]
[666] [666]
[舔屏] [舔屏]
[鄙视] [鄙视]
[紫薇别走] [紫薇别走]
[不失礼貌的微笑] [不失礼貌的微笑]
[吐舌] [吐舌]
[呆无辜] [呆无辜]
[白眼] [白眼]
[吃瓜群众] [吃瓜群众]
[绿帽子] [绿帽子]
[皱眉] [皱眉]
[擦汗] [擦汗]
[强] [强]
[如花] [如花]
[奋斗] [奋斗]

Douyin emoticons and its corresponding Emoji

Images Name Corresponding Emoji
[微笑] [微笑] 🙂slightly smiling face
[害羞] [害羞] 😊smiling face with smiling eyes
[击掌] [击掌] 🙌raising hands
[左上] [左上] 👆backhand index pointing up
[握手] [握手] 🤝handshake
[18禁] [18禁] 🔞no one under eighteen
[菜刀] [菜刀] 🔪kitchen knife
[爱心] [爱心] ❤red heart
[心碎] [心碎] 💔broken heart
[便便] [便便] 💩pile of poo
[惊讶] [惊讶] 😲astonished face
[调皮] [调皮] 😛face with tongue
[礼物] [礼物] 🎁wrapped gift
[蛋糕] [蛋糕] 🎂birthday cake
[派对] [派对] 🎉party popper
[不看] [不看] 🙈see-no-evil monkey
[炸弹] [炸弹] 💣bomb
[憨笑] [憨笑] 😀grinning face
[悠闲] [悠闲] 🚬cigarette
[晕] [晕] 😵face with crossed-out eyes
[囧] [囧] 🙄face with rolling eyes
[阴险] [阴险] 😏smirking face
[惊恐] [惊恐] 😨fearful face
[难过] [难过] 🙁slightly frowning face
[斜眼] [斜眼] 😒unamused face
[左哼哼] [左哼哼] 😤face with steam from nose
[右哼哼] [右哼哼] 😤face with steam from nose
[咒骂] [咒骂] 🤬face with symbols on mouth
[咖啡] [咖啡] ☕hot beverage
[西瓜] [西瓜] 🍉watermelon
[衰] [衰] 😢crying face
[太阳] [太阳] 🌞sun with face
[月亮] [月亮] 🌜last quarter moon face
[发] [发] 🀅Mahjong Tile Green Dragon
[猪头] [猪头] 🐷pig face
[凋谢] [凋谢] 🥀wilted flower
[红包] [红包] 🧧red envelope
[拳头] [拳头] ✊raised fist
[胜利] [胜利] ✌victory hand
[抱拳] [抱拳] 🙏folded hands
[闭嘴] [闭嘴] 🤐zipper-mouth face
[弱] [弱] 👎thumbs down
[左边] [左边] 👈backhand index pointing left
[右边] [右边] 👉backhand index pointing right
[送心] [送心] 🥰smiling face with hearts
[耶] [耶] ✌victory hand
[捂脸] [捂脸] 🤦person facepalming
[色] [色] 😍smiling face with heart-eyes
[打脸] [打脸] 🤕face with head-bandage
[大笑] [大笑] 😄grinning face with smiling eyes
[哈欠] [哈欠] 🥱yawning face
[震惊] [震惊] 🤯exploding head
[大金牙] [大金牙] 🦷tooth
[偷笑] [偷笑] 🤭face with hand over mouth
[石化] [石化] 😰anxious face with sweat
[思考] [思考] 🤔thinking face
[可怜] [可怜] 🥺pleading face
[嘘] [嘘] 🤫shushing face
[撇嘴] [撇嘴] 😕confused face
[尴尬] [尴尬] 😅grinning face with sweat
[笑哭] [笑哭] 😂face with tears of joy
[生病] [生病] 😷face with medical mask
[奸笑] [奸笑] 😏smirking face
[得意] [得意] 😎smiling face with sunglasses
[坏笑] [坏笑] 😬grimacing face
[抓狂] [抓狂] 😫tired face
[钱] [钱] 🤑money-mouth face
[亲亲] [亲亲] 😚kissing face with closed eyes
[恐惧] [恐惧] 😱face screaming in fear
[愉快] [愉快] 😄grinning face with smiling eyes
[玫瑰] [玫瑰] 🌹rose
[快哭了] [快哭了] 😥sad but relieved face
[翻白眼] [翻白眼] 🙄face with rolling eyes
[赞] [赞] 👍thumbs up
[鼓掌] [鼓掌] 👏clapping hands
[感谢] [感谢] 🙏folded hands
[嘴唇] [嘴唇] 👄mouth
[胡瓜] [胡瓜] 🥒cucumber
[流泪] [流泪] 😢crying face
[啤酒] [啤酒] 🍺beer mug
[我想静静] [我想静静] 😑expressionless face
[委屈] [委屈] 🙁slightly frowning face
[飞吻] [飞吻] 😘face blowing a kiss
[再见] [再见] 👋waving hand
[听歌] [听歌] 🎧headphone
[发怒] [发怒] 😡enraged face
[绝望的凝视] [绝望的凝视] 😞disappointed face
[看] [看] 🐶dog face
[熊吉] [熊吉] 🐻bear
[骷髅] [骷髅] 💀skull
[黑脸] [黑脸] 🌚new moon face
[呲牙] [呲牙] 😁beaming face with smiling eyes
[吐] [吐] 🤮face vomiting
[流汗] [流汗] 😓downcast face with sweat
[摸头] [摸头] 😌relieved face
[红脸] [红脸] 😳flushed face
[尬笑] [尬笑] 😅grinning face with sweat
[做鬼脸] [做鬼脸] 😜winking face with tongue
[睡] [睡] 😪sleepy face
[惊喜] [惊喜] 🤩star-struck
[敲打] [敲打] 🤕face with head-bandage
[吐彩虹] [吐彩虹] 🌈rainbow
[大哭] [大哭] 😭loudly crying face
[比心] [比心] 🤞crossed fingers
[强壮] [强壮] 💪flexed biceps
[碰拳] [碰拳] 🤛left-facing fist
[OK] [OK] 👌OK hand