QQ supports all emoji symbols and has hundreds of independently designed QQ emoticons, most of which have corresponding emoji. These emoticons can be entered using the emoticon keyboard (menu) in the QQ software or by adding a slash "/" before the emoticon name for quick input. For PC users, you need to right-click in the chat window and select "使用快捷键输入表情 (Use shortcut keys to input emoticons)" to activate this function, as shown in the gif image below. For example, typing /篮球 (basketball) or /lq and sending it will convert the text to a QQ emoticon 🏀 and send it to the recipient. TIM, which is the working version of QQ, also supports these features.

ℹNote: Regardless of how similar QQ emoticons and emojis are, their essential difference is that the former are images and the latter are characters. They were created to solve the problem that some new emojis or special characters could not be displayed during social interactions (mainly because some systems did not support them in time), reducing communication barriers. As major platforms increasingly support emojis, this form of character expression has become more and more popular.

The following is a list of Emoji pictures designed by QQ, which is divided into 10 parts according to 10 categories. Each category lists the Emoji to which the category belongs, including the Emoji picture and the corresponding short name.

You can click on the picture or text to enter the dedicated page of this Emoji, and view the description, usage examples, technical data, pictures of other vendors and more detailed information of this Emoji.

If you are using a mobile phone, you can press and hold the Emoji picture to display the menu, and then choose to download or share the picture.

If you are using a computer, you can right-click on the Emoji picture to display the menu, and then choose to download or copy the picture.

Emoji images list provided by QQ

Images Name Shortcut
白眼笑 白眼笑
比心 比心
不你不想 不你不想
打call 打call
滚 滚
敬礼 敬礼
考虑中 考虑中
狂笑 狂笑
没眼看 没眼看
面无表情 面无表情
摸鱼 摸鱼
魔鬼笑 魔鬼笑
哦 哦
让我康康 让我康康
哇哦 哇哦
捂脸 捂脸
å°´å°¬ å°´å°¬ /gg
酷 酷 /kuk
奋斗 奋斗 /fendou
疑问 疑问 /yiw
跳跳 跳跳 /tiao
擦汗 擦汗 /ch
抠鼻 抠鼻 /kb
鄙视 鄙视 /bs
勾引 勾引 /gy
差劲 差劲 /cj
NO NO /bu
转圈 转圈 /zhq
回头 回头 /ht
跳绳 跳绳 /tsh
激动 激动 /jd
左太极 左太极 /zuotj
右太极 右太极 /youtj
泪奔 泪奔 /lb
卖萌 卖萌 /mm
喷血 喷血 /px
骚扰 骚扰 /sr
呃 呃 /ee
好棒 好棒 /haob
拜托 拜托 /bt
点赞 点赞 /dz
无聊 无聊 /wl
托脸 托脸 /tl
吃 吃 /chi
害怕 害怕 /hp
花痴 花痴 /hc
小样儿 小样儿 /xy
飙泪 飙泪 /bl
托腮 托腮 /ts
加油必胜 加油必胜 /jiaybs
加油抱抱 加油抱抱 /jybb
脑壳疼 脑壳疼 /nkt
沧桑 沧桑 /cs
辣眼睛 辣眼睛 /lyj
哦哟 哦哟 /oy
问号脸 问号脸 /whl
emm emm /emm
吃瓜 吃瓜 /cg

QQ emoticons and its corresponding Emoji

Images Name Shortcut Corresponding Emoji
惊讶 惊讶 /jy 😲astonished face
撇嘴 撇嘴 /pz 😟worried face
色 色 /se 😍smiling face with heart-eyes
发呆 发呆 /fd 😳flushed face
得意 得意 /dy 😎smiling face with sunglasses
流泪 流泪 /ll 😭loudly crying face
害羞 害羞 /hx 😊smiling face with smiling eyes
闭嘴 闭嘴 /bz 🤐zipper-mouth face
睡 睡 /shui 😪sleepy face
大哭 大哭 /dk 😢crying face
发怒 发怒 /fn 😡enraged face
调皮 调皮 /tp 😛face with tongue
呲牙 呲牙 /cy 😁beaming face with smiling eyes
微笑 微笑 /wx 🙂slightly smiling face
难过 难过 /ng 🙁slightly frowning face
抓狂 抓狂 /zk 😫tired face
吐 吐 /tuu 🤮face vomiting
偷笑 偷笑 /tx 🤭face with hand over mouth
可爱 可爱 /ka 😊smiling face with smiling eyes
白眼 白眼 /baiy 🙄face with rolling eyes
傲慢 傲慢 /am 😕confused face
饥饿 饥饿 /jie 😋face savoring food
困 困 /kun 😪sleepy face
惊恐 惊恐 /jk 😨fearful face
流汗 流汗 /lh 😓downcast face with sweat
憨笑 憨笑 /hanx 😀grinning face
悠闲 悠闲 /db 🚬cigarette
咒骂 咒骂 /zhm 🤬face with symbols on mouth
嘘 嘘 /xu 🤫shushing face
晕 晕 /yun 😵face with crossed-out eyes
折磨 折磨 /zhem 😣persevering face
衰 衰 /shuai 😢crying face
骷髅 骷髅 /kl 💀skull
敲打 敲打 /qiao 🤕face with head-bandage
再见 再见 /zj 👋waving hand
发抖 发抖 /fad 🥶cold face
爱情 爱情 /aiq 💑couple with heart
猪头 猪头 /zt 🐷pig face
拥抱 拥抱 /yb 🤗smiling face with open hands
蛋糕 蛋糕 /dg 🎂birthday cake
闪电 闪电 /shd ⚡high voltage
炸弹 炸弹 /zhd 💣bomb
刀 刀 /dao ⚔crossed swords
足 足 /zq ⚽soccer ball
便 便 /bb 💩pile of poo
咖 咖 /kf ☕hot beverage
饭 饭 /fan 🍚cooked rice
药 药 /yao 💊pill
玫瑰 玫瑰 /mg 🌹rose
凋谢 凋谢 /dx 🥀wilted flower
爱心 爱心 /xin ❤red heart
心碎 心碎 /xs 💔broken heart
礼物 礼物 /lw 🎁wrapped gift
太阳 太阳 /ty 🌞sun with face
月亮 月亮 /yl 🌙crescent moon
赞 赞 /qiang 👍thumbs up
踩 踩 /ruo 👎thumbs down
握手 握手 /ws 🤝handshake
胜利 胜利 /shl ✌victory hand
飞吻 飞吻 /fw 😘face blowing a kiss
怄火 怄火 /ou 😠angry face
西瓜 西瓜 /xig 🍉watermelon
🌧cloud with rain
冷汗 冷汗 /lengh 😰anxious face with sweat
鼓掌 鼓掌 /gz 👏clapping hands
糗大了 糗大了 /qd 😑expressionless face
坏笑 坏笑 /huaix 😬grimacing face
左哼哼 左哼哼 /zhh 😤face with steam from nose
右哼哼 右哼哼 /yhh 😤face with steam from nose
哈欠 哈欠 /hq 🥱yawning face
委屈 委屈 /wq 🙁slightly frowning face
快哭了 快哭了 /kk 😥sad but relieved face
阴险 阴险 /yx 😏smirking face
亲亲 亲亲 /qq 😚kissing face with closed eyes
吓 吓 /xia 😱face screaming in fear
可怜 可怜 /kel 🥺pleading face
菜刀 菜刀 /cd 🔪kitchen knife
啤酒 啤酒 /pj 🍺beer mug
篮球 篮球 /lq 🏀basketball
乒乓 乒乓 /pp 🏓ping pong
示爱 示爱 /sa 👄mouth
瓢虫 瓢虫 /pch 🐞lady beetle
抱拳 抱拳 /bq 🙏folded hands
拳头 拳头 /qt ✊raised fist
爱你 爱你 /aini 🤟love-you gesture
OK OK /hd 👌OK hand
磕头 磕头 /kt 🙇person bowing
挥手 挥手 /hsh 👋waving hand
街舞 街舞 /jw 💃woman dancing
献吻 献吻 /xw 😗kissing face
鞭炮 鞭炮 /bp 🧨firecracker
灯笼 灯笼 /dl 🏮red paper lantern
🀅Mahjong Tile Green Dragon
K歌 K歌 /kg 🎤microphone
喝彩 喝彩 /hec 🎉party popper
祈祷 祈祷 /qidao 🕯candle
爆筋 爆筋 /baojin 💢anger symbol
棒棒糖 棒棒糖 /bangbangt 🍭lollipop
喝奶 喝奶 /hn 🍼baby bottle
🍜steaming bowl
飞机 飞机 /fj ✈airplane
🚄high-speed train
钞票 钞票 /cp 💵dollar banknote
💡light bulb
⏰alarm clock
🛋couch and lamp
🧻roll of paper
手枪 手枪 /shq 🔫water pistol
茶 茶 /cha 🍵teacup without handle
眨眼睛 眨眼睛 /zyj 😉winking face
无奈 无奈 /wn 🤷person shrugging
小纠结 小纠结 /xjj 🤔thinking face
斜眼笑 斜眼笑 /xyx 😏smirking face
doge doge /doge 😤face with steam from nose
惊喜 惊喜 /jx 🤩star-struck
笑哭 笑哭 /xk 😂face with tears of joy
我最美 我最美 /wzm 🥰smiling face with hearts
河蟹 河蟹 /xhx 🦀crab
羊驼 羊驼 /yt 🦙llama
幽灵 幽灵 /youl 👻ghost
蛋 蛋 /dan 🥚egg
菊花 菊花 /jh 🌼blossom
红包 红包 /hb 🧧red envelope
大笑 大笑 /dx 😄grinning face with smiling eyes
不开心 不开心 /bkx ☹frowning face
冷漠 冷漠 /lm 😐neutral face
送花 送花 /sh 💐bouquet
我不看 我不看 /wbk 🙈see-no-evil monkey
口罩护体 口罩护体 /kzht 😷face with medical mask
搬砖中 搬砖中 /banzz 🧑‍💻technologist
忙到飞起 忙到飞起 /mdfq 👨‍💻man technologist
捂脸 捂脸 /wul 🤦person facepalming
头秃 头秃 /tt 👨‍🦲man: bald
暗中观察 暗中观察 /azgc 👀eyes
呵呵哒 呵呵哒 /hhd 🙃upside-down face
我酸了 我酸了 /wosl 🍋lemon
太南了 太南了 /tnl 🀁Mahjong Tile South Wind