WeChat (微信) supports all emoji symbols, and it also has hundreds of independently designed WeChat emoticons, most of which have corresponding emoji. These emoticons can be input using the WeChat emoticon keyboard (menu) and can be quickly inputted by adding a slash "/" before the emoticon name, or by adding brackets "[]" around the emoticon name. For example, typing /微笑 or [微笑] (smile) and sending it will convert the text into a WeChat emoticon, similar to 🙂, and send it to the recipient.

ℹNote: Regardless of how similar WeChat emoticons and emojis are, their essential difference is that the former are images and the latter are characters. They were created to solve the problem that some new emojis or special characters could not be displayed during social interactions (mainly because some systems did not support them in time), reducing communication barriers. As major platforms increasingly support emojis, this form of character expression has become more and more popular.

🔸Note: Have you seen the two images above? Actually WeChat has created a set of built-in emoji pack for commonly used emojis (which look similar to the Apple's emojis in iOS 8.0-10.0). If you send these emojis in WeChat, it will convert the emoji characters into emoji images. But when you copy them, they will be copied as emoji characters again. There are a total of 884 emojis that WeChat automatically converts to emoji packs, which is intended to solve the problem of some emojis not being displayed properly and allow users to see the emojis sent by others. WeChat is working hard to improve the chat environment, but we still find a small problem in using it: the "Old man: dark skin tone" in the image is mistakenly converted to the medium-light skin tone when sent out.

The following is a list of Emoji pictures designed by WeChat, which is divided into 10 parts according to 10 categories. Each category lists the Emoji to which the category belongs, including the Emoji picture and the corresponding short name.

You can click on the picture or text to enter the dedicated page of this Emoji, and view the description, usage examples, technical data, pictures of other vendors and more detailed information of this Emoji.

If you are using a mobile phone, you can press and hold the Emoji picture to display the menu, and then choose to download or share the picture.

If you are using a computer, you can right-click on the Emoji picture to display the menu, and then choose to download or copy the picture.

Emoji images list provided by WeChat

Images Name
[裂开] [裂开]
[苦涩] [苦涩]
[叹气] [叹气]
[让我看看] [让我看看]
[666] [666]
/å°´å°¬ /å°´å°¬
/酷 /酷
/奋斗 /奋斗
/疑问 /疑问
/擦汗 /擦汗
/抠鼻 /抠鼻
/鄙视 /鄙视
/勾引 /勾引
/差劲 /差劲
/跳跳 /跳跳
/转圈 /转圈
/回头 /回头
/激动 /激动
/左太极 /左太极
/右太极 /右太极
/福 /福
/奸笑 /奸笑
/嘿哈 /嘿哈
/捂脸 /捂脸
/机智 /机智
/加油 /加油
/加油加油 /加油加油
/社会社会 /社会社会
/吃瓜 /吃瓜

WeChat emoticons and its corresponding Emoji

Images Name Corresponding Emoji
[翻白眼] [翻白眼] 🙄
/微笑 /微笑 🙂
/撇嘴 /撇嘴 😟
/色 /色 😍
/发呆 /发呆 😦
/得意 /得意 😎
/流泪 /流泪 😭
/害羞 /害羞 😊
/闭嘴 /闭嘴 🤐
/睡 /睡 😪
/大哭 /大哭 😢
/发怒 /发怒 😡
/调皮 /调皮 😛
/呲牙 /呲牙 😁
/惊讶 /惊讶 😲
/难过 /难过 🙁
/冷汗 /冷汗 😰
/抓狂 /抓狂 😫
/吐 /吐 🤮
/偷笑 /偷笑 🤭
/可爱 /可爱 😊
/白眼 /白眼 🙄
/傲慢 /傲慢 😕
/饥饿 /饥饿 😋
/困 /困 😪
/惊恐 /惊恐 😨
/流汗 /流汗 😓
/憨笑 /憨笑 😀
/悠闲 /悠闲 🚬
/咒骂 /咒骂 🤬
/嘘 /嘘 🤫
/晕 /晕 😵
/折磨 /折磨 😣
/衰 /衰 😢
/骷髅 /骷髅 💀
/敲打 /敲打 🤕
/再见 /再见 👋
/鼓掌 /鼓掌 👏
/糗大了 /糗大了 😑
/坏笑 /坏笑 😬
/左哼哼 /左哼哼 😤
/右哼哼 /右哼哼 😤
/哈欠 /哈欠 🥱
/委屈 /委屈 🙁
/快哭了 /快哭了 😥
/阴险 /阴险 😏
/亲亲 /亲亲 😚
/吓 /吓 😱
/可怜 /可怜 🥺
/菜刀 /菜刀 🔪
/西瓜 /西瓜 🍉
/啤酒 /啤酒 🍺
/篮球 /篮球 🏀
/乒乓 /乒乓 🏓
/咖啡 /咖啡 ☕
/饭 /饭 🍚
/猪头 /猪头 🐷
/玫瑰 /玫瑰 🌹
/凋谢 /凋谢 🥀
/示爱 /示爱 👄
/爱心 /爱心 ❤
/心碎 /心碎 💔
/礼物 /礼物 🎁
/闪电 /闪电 ⚡
/炸弹 /炸弹 💣
/刀 /刀 ⚔
/足球 /足球 ⚽
/便便 /便便 💩
/月亮 /月亮 🌙
/太阳 /太阳 🌞
/礼物 /礼物 🎁
/拥抱 /拥抱 🤗
/赞 /赞 👍
/踩 /踩 👎
/握手 /握手 🤝
/胜利 /胜利 ✌
/抱拳 /抱拳 🙏
/拳头 /拳头 ✊
/爱你 /爱你 🤟
/OK /OK 👌
/爱情 /爱情 💑
/飞吻 /飞吻 😘
/发抖 /发抖 🥶
/怄火 /怄火 😠
/磕头 /磕头 🙇
/挥手 /挥手 👋
/街舞 /街舞 💃
/献吻 /献吻 😗
/发 /发 🀅
/红包 /红包 🧧
/耶 /耶 ✌
/皱眉 /皱眉 🥺
/emm /emm 😑
/好的 /好的 👌
/天啊 /天啊 😲
/打脸 /打脸 🤕
/汗 /汗 😓
/强壮 /强壮 💪
/鬼魂 /鬼魂 👻
/吐舌 /吐舌 😝
/合十 /合十 🙏
/礼物 /礼物 🎁
/庆祝 /庆祝 🎉
/破涕为笑 /破涕为笑 😂
/笑脸 /笑脸 😄
/无语 /无语 😒
/失望 /失望 😔
/恐惧 /恐惧 😱
/脸红 /脸红 😳
/哇 /哇 🤩
/旺柴 /旺柴 🐶
/瓢虫 /瓢虫 🐞