Weibo (微博) supports all emoji symbols, and it also has hundreds of independently designed Weibo emoticons, most of which have corresponding emoji. These emoticons can be entered using the emoticon keyboard (menu) in Weibo or by typing the emoticon name enclosed in square brackets "[]". For example, typing [爱你] (love you) and sending it will convert the text to an emoticon similar to 😘 and send it to the recipient.

ℹNote: Regardless of how similar Weibo emoticons and emojis are, their essential difference is that the former are images and the latter are characters. They were created to solve the problem that some new emojis or special characters could not be displayed during social interactions (mainly because some systems did not support them in time), reducing communication barriers. As major platforms increasingly support emojis, this form of character expression has become more and more popular.

The following is a list of Emoji pictures designed by Weibo, which is divided into 10 parts according to 10 categories. Each category lists the Emoji to which the category belongs, including the Emoji picture and the corresponding short name.

You can click on the picture or text to enter the dedicated page of this Emoji, and view the description, usage examples, technical data, pictures of other vendors and more detailed information of this Emoji.

If you are using a mobile phone, you can press and hold the Emoji picture to display the menu, and then choose to download or share the picture.

If you are using a computer, you can right-click on the Emoji picture to display the menu, and then choose to download or copy the picture.

Emoji images list provided by Weibo

Images Name
[奥特曼] [奥特曼]
[awsl] [awsl]
[鄙视] [鄙视]
[打call] [打call]
[顶] [顶]
[二哈] [二哈]
[笑而不语] [笑而不语]
[浪] [浪]
[求饶] [求饶]
[挖鼻] [挖鼻]
[疑问] [疑问]
[允悲] [允悲]
[最右] [最右]

Weibo emoticons and its corresponding Emoji

Images Name Corresponding Emoji
[爱你] [爱你] 😘face blowing a kiss
[拜拜] [拜拜] 👋waving hand
[抱抱] [抱抱] 🤗smiling face with open hands
[悲伤] [悲伤] 😥sad but relieved face
[并不简单] [并不简单] 🧐face with monocle
[闭嘴] [闭嘴] 🤐zipper-mouth face
[馋嘴] [馋嘴] 😋face savoring food
[吃瓜] [吃瓜] 🍉watermelon
[吃惊] [吃惊] 😲astonished face
[哈欠] [哈欠] 🥱yawning face
[打脸] [打脸] 🤕face with head-bandage
[doge] [doge] 🐶dog face
[费解] [费解] 🤨face with raised eyebrow
[肥皂] [肥皂] 🧼soap
[感冒] [感冒] 😷face with medical mask
[跪了] [跪了] 🧎person kneeling
[鼓掌] [鼓掌] 👏clapping hands
[哈哈] [哈哈] 😃grinning face with big eyes
[害羞] [害羞] 😊smiling face with smiling eyes
[汗] [汗] 😓downcast face with sweat
[呵呵] [呵呵] 🙂slightly smiling face
[黑线] [黑线] 😅grinning face with sweat
[哼] [哼] 😒unamused face
[坏笑] [坏笑] 😬grimacing face
[花心] [花心] 😍smiling face with heart-eyes
[挤眼] [挤眼] 😜winking face with tongue
[可爱] [可爱] 😊smiling face with smiling eyes
[可乐] [可乐] 🥤cup with straw
[可怜] [可怜] 🥺pleading face
[酷] [酷] 😎smiling face with sunglasses
[骷髅] [骷髅] 💀skull
[困] [困] 😔pensive face
[白眼] [白眼] 🙄face with rolling eyes
[泪] [泪] 😭loudly crying face
[喵] [喵] 😼cat with wry smile
[男孩儿] [男孩儿] 🤵person in tuxedo
[怒] [怒] 😡enraged face
[怒骂] [怒骂] 🤬face with symbols on mouth
[女孩儿] [女孩儿] 👰person with veil
[钱] [钱] 🤑money-mouth face
[亲亲] [亲亲] 😙kissing face with smiling eyes
[傻眼] [傻眼] 😳flushed face
[生病] [生病] 🤒face with thermometer
[神兽] [神兽] 🦙llama
[失望] [失望] 😔pensive face
[衰] [衰] 😢crying face
[睡觉] [睡觉] 😪sleepy face
[思考] [思考] 🤔thinking face
[酸] [酸] 🍋lemon
[太开心] [太开心] 😄grinning face with smiling eyes
[摊手] [摊手] 🤷person shrugging
[舔] [舔] 😝squinting face with tongue
[偷笑] [偷笑] 🤭face with hand over mouth
[吐] [吐] 🤮face vomiting
[兔子] [兔子] 🐰rabbit face
[委屈] [委屈] 🙁slightly frowning face
[捂] [捂] 🙈see-no-evil monkey
[笑哭] [笑哭] 😂face with tears of joy
[憧憬] [憧憬] 🤩star-struck
[熊猫] [熊猫] 🐼panda
[嘻嘻] [嘻嘻] 😁beaming face with smiling eyes
[嘘] [嘘] 🤫shushing face
[阴险] [阴险] 😏smirking face
[右哼哼] [右哼哼] 😤face with steam from nose
[晕] [晕] 😵face with crossed-out eyes
[抓狂] [抓狂] 😫tired face
[猪头] [猪头] 🐷pig face
[左哼哼] [左哼哼] 😤face with steam from nose
😘face blowing a kiss
🙅person gesturing NO
👍thumbs up
🤟love-you gesture
💪flexed biceps
👌OK hand
✊raised fist
👎thumbs down
✌victory hand
🙏folded hands
💔broken heart
❤red heart
🎂birthday cake
🍻clinking beer mugs
🎁wrapped gift
🎗reminder ribbon
🎵musical note
⏰alarm clock
🌞sun with face
🍃leaf fluttering in wind
🌧cloud with rain
🌙crescent moon