This is the information from the Unicode Consortium’s Proposal No. 114 of 2009. This proposal contains 77 Emojis. Below is the detailed information.

Proposal Information

Proposal Number: L2/09‑114
Proposal Name: Towards an encoding of symbol characters used as emoji (WG2 N3607)
Proposal From: Ireland NB, Germany NB
Proposal Year: 2009
Proposal File:

Proposal Emoji77

Emoji symbol Code point
😇 smiling face with halo 1F607
😎 smiling face with sunglasses 1F60E
😈 smiling face with horns 1F608
💭 thought balloon 1F4AD
🚣 person rowing boat 1F6A3
🚴 person biking 1F6B4
🚵 person mountain biking 1F6B5
👥 busts in silhouette 1F465
🐂 ox 1F402
🐃 water buffalo 1F403
🐄 cow 1F404
🐖 pig 1F416
🐐 goat 1F410
🐪 camel 1F42A
🐀 rat 1F400
🐓 rooster 1F413
🐊 crocodile 1F40A
🌲 evergreen tree 1F332
🌳 deciduous tree 1F333
🍋 lemon 1F34B
🍐 pear 1F350
🍼 baby bottle 1F37C
🏤 post office 1F3E4
🚂 locomotive 1F682
🚆 train 1F686
🚈 light rail 1F688
🚊 tram 1F68A
🚝 monorail 1F69D
🚞 mountain railway 1F69E
🚋 tram car 1F68B
🚎 trolleybus 1F68E
🚐 minibus 1F690
🚖 oncoming taxi 1F696
🚛 articulated lorry 1F69B
🚜 tractor 1F69C
🚦 vertical traffic light 1F6A6
🚁 helicopter 1F681
🚟 suspension railway 1F69F
🚠 mountain cableway 1F6A0
🚡 aerial tramway 1F6A1
⏱️ stopwatch 23F1 FE0F
⏲️ timer clock 23F2 FE0F
🌒 waxing crescent moon 1F312
🌖 waning gibbous moon 1F316
🌗 last quarter moon 1F317
🌘 waning crescent moon 1F318
🌚 new moon face 1F31A
🌝 full moon face 1F31D
🌞 sun with face 1F31E
🏉 rugby football 1F3C9
🔇 muted speaker 1F507
🔉 speaker medium volume 1F509
📯 postal horn 1F4EF
🔕 bell with slash 1F515
💶 euro banknote 1F4B6
💷 pound banknote 1F4B7
🔬 microscope 1F52C
🔭 telescope 1F52D
🚿 shower 1F6BF
🚮 litter in bin sign 1F6AE
🚰 potable water 1F6B0
🛂 passport control 1F6C2
🛃 customs 1F6C3
🛄 baggage claim 1F6C4
🛅 left luggage 1F6C5
🚸 children crossing 1F6B8
🚳 no bicycles 1F6B3
🚯 no littering 1F6AF
🚱 non-potable water 1F6B1
🚷 no pedestrians 1F6B7
📵 no mobile phones 1F4F5
🔀 shuffle tracks button 1F500
🔁 repeat button 1F501
🔂 repeat single button 1F502
⏯️ play or pause button 23EF FE0F
🔅 dim button 1F505
🔆 bright button 1F506

How to create your wanted Emoji?

How is a new Emoji born? First, users submit their Emoji proposal to the Unicode Consortium, and finally the Unicode Consortium decides whether to adopt the proposal. If the proposal passes, the Emoji you designed may be available in the next year as soon as possible. There is a complete and standard process for submitting Emoji proposals, which requires you to have enough patience and ability. You can use the above proposals as examples. Refer to them to make your Emoji proposal. Click here to Submitting Emoji Proposals (English), so that you and the Emoji you created will also be recorded in the history.

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