This is the information from the Unicode Consortium’s Proposal No. 052 of 2011. This proposal contains 132 Emojis. Below is the detailed information.

Proposal Information

Proposal Number: L2/11‑052
Proposal Name: Wingdings and Webdings symbols - Preliminary study (revised)
Proposal From: Michel Suignard
Proposal Year: 2011
Proposal File:

Proposal Emoji132

Emoji symbol Code point
😐 neutral face 1F610
☹️ frowning face 2639 FE0F
🕳️ hole 1F573 FE0F
🗨️ left speech bubble 1F5E8 FE0F
🗯️ right anger bubble 1F5EF FE0F
🖐️ hand with fingers splayed 1F590 FE0F
🖐🏿 hand with fingers splayed: dark skin tone 1F590 1F3FF
👁️ eye 1F441 FE0F
🕵️ detective 1F575 FE0F
🕵🏿 detective: dark skin tone 1F575 1F3FF
🕴️ man in suit levitating 1F574 FE0F
🕴🏿 person in suit levitating: dark skin tone 1F574 1F3FF
⛷️ skier 26F7 FE0F
🏌️ person golfing 1F3CC FE0F
🏌🏿 person golfing: dark skin tone 1F3CC 1F3FF
🏋️ person lifting weights 1F3CB FE0F
🏋🏿 person lifting weights: dark skin tone 1F3CB 1F3FF
🗣️ speaking head 1F5E3 FE0F
🐕 dog 1F415
🐈 cat 1F408
🐿️ chipmunk 1F43F FE0F
🕊️ dove 1F54A FE0F
🕷️ spider 1F577 FE0F
🕸️ spider web 1F578 FE0F
🏵️ rosette 1F3F5 FE0F
🌶️ hot pepper 1F336 FE0F
🍽️ fork and knife with plate 1F37D FE0F
🌍 globe showing Europe-Africa 1F30D
🌎 globe showing Americas 1F30E
🗺️ world map 1F5FA FE0F
🏔️ snow-capped mountain 1F3D4 FE0F
🏕️ camping 1F3D5 FE0F
🏖️ beach with umbrella 1F3D6 FE0F
🏜️ desert 1F3DC FE0F
🏝️ desert island 1F3DD FE0F
🏞️ national park 1F3DE FE0F
🏟️ stadium 1F3DF FE0F
🏛️ classical building 1F3DB FE0F
🏗️ building construction 1F3D7 FE0F
🏘️ houses 1F3D8 FE0F
🏚️ derelict house 1F3DA FE0F
🏙️ cityscape 1F3D9 FE0F
🚍 oncoming bus 1F68D
🚔 oncoming police car 1F694
🚘 oncoming automobile 1F698
🏎️ racing car 1F3CE FE0F
🏍️ motorcycle 1F3CD FE0F
🛣️ motorway 1F6E3 FE0F
🛤️ railway track 1F6E4 FE0F
🛢️ oil drum 1F6E2 FE0F
🛳️ passenger ship 1F6F3 FE0F
🛥️ motor boat 1F6E5 FE0F
🛩️ small airplane 1F6E9 FE0F
🛰️ satellite 1F6F0 FE0F
🛎️ bellhop bell 1F6CE FE0F
🕰️ mantelpiece clock 1F570 FE0F
🕧 twelve-thirty 1F567
🕜 one-thirty 1F55C
🕝 two-thirty 1F55D
🕞 three-thirty 1F55E
🕟 four-thirty 1F55F
🕠 five-thirty 1F560
🕡 six-thirty 1F561
🕢 seven-thirty 1F562
🕣 eight-thirty 1F563
🕤 nine-thirty 1F564
🕥 ten-thirty 1F565
🕦 eleven-thirty 1F566
🌜 last quarter moon face 1F31C
🌡️ thermometer 1F321 FE0F
🌤️ sun behind small cloud 1F324 FE0F
🌥️ sun behind large cloud 1F325 FE0F
🌦️ sun behind rain cloud 1F326 FE0F
🌧️ cloud with rain 1F327 FE0F
🌨️ cloud with snow 1F328 FE0F
🌩️ cloud with lightning 1F329 FE0F
🌪️ tornado 1F32A FE0F
🌫️ fog 1F32B FE0F
🌬️ wind face 1F32C FE0F
🎗️ reminder ribbon 1F397 FE0F
🎟️ admission tickets 1F39F FE0F
🎖️ military medal 1F396 FE0F
🕹️ joystick 1F579 FE0F
🖼️ framed picture 1F5BC FE0F
🕶️ sunglasses 1F576 FE0F
🛍️ shopping bags 1F6CD FE0F
🔈 speaker low volume 1F508
🎙️ studio microphone 1F399 FE0F
🎚️ level slider 1F39A FE0F
🎛️ control knobs 1F39B FE0F
🖥️ desktop computer 1F5A5 FE0F
🖨️ printer 1F5A8 FE0F
🖱️ computer mouse 1F5B1 FE0F
🖲️ trackball 1F5B2 FE0F
🎞️ film frames 1F39E FE0F
📽️ film projector 1F4FD FE0F
🕯️ candle 1F56F FE0F
🗞️ rolled-up newspaper 1F5DE FE0F
🏷️ label 1F3F7 FE0F
📬 open mailbox with raised flag 1F4EC
📭 open mailbox with lowered flag 1F4ED
🗳️ ballot box with ballot 1F5F3 FE0F
🖋️ fountain pen 1F58B FE0F
🖊️ pen 1F58A FE0F
🖌️ paintbrush 1F58C FE0F
🖍️ crayon 1F58D FE0F
🗂️ card index dividers 1F5C2 FE0F
🗒️ spiral notepad 1F5D2 FE0F
🗓️ spiral calendar 1F5D3 FE0F
🖇️ linked paperclips 1F587 FE0F
🗃️ card file box 1F5C3 FE0F
🗄️ file cabinet 1F5C4 FE0F
🗑️ wastebasket 1F5D1 FE0F
🗝️ old key 1F5DD FE0F
🛠️ hammer and wrench 1F6E0 FE0F
🗡️ dagger 1F5E1 FE0F
🛡️ shield 1F6E1 FE0F
🗜️ clamp 1F5DC FE0F
🛏️ bed 1F6CF FE0F
🛋️ couch and lamp 1F6CB FE0F
🕉️ om 1F549 FE0F
✡️ star of David 2721 FE0F
☸️ wheel of dharma 2638 FE0F
☯️ yin yang 262F FE0F
✝️ latin cross 271D FE0F
☪️ star and crescent 262A FE0F
⏭️ next track button 23ED FE0F
⏮️ last track button 23EE FE0F
⏸️ pause button 23F8 FE0F
⏹️ stop button 23F9 FE0F
⏺️ record button 23FA FE0F
🏳️ white flag 1F3F3 FE0F

How to create your wanted Emoji?

How is a new Emoji born? First, users submit their Emoji proposal to the Unicode Consortium, and finally the Unicode Consortium decides whether to adopt the proposal. If the proposal passes, the Emoji you designed may be available in the next year as soon as possible. There is a complete and standard process for submitting Emoji proposals, which requires you to have enough patience and ability. You can use the above proposals as examples. Refer to them to make your Emoji proposal. Click here to Submitting Emoji Proposals (English), so that you and the Emoji you created will also be recorded in the history.

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