This is the information from the Unicode Consortium’s Proposal No. 174 of 2014. This proposal contains 78 Emojis. Below is the detailed information.

Proposal Information

Proposal Number: L2/14‑174
Proposal Name: Emoji Additions (revised)
Proposal From: Mark Davis, Peter Edberg
Proposal Year: 2014
Proposal File:

Proposal Emoji78

Emoji symbol Code point
🙃 upside-down face 1F643
🤑 money-mouth face 1F911
🤗 smiling face with open hands 1F917
🤔 thinking face 1F914
🤐 zipper-mouth face 1F910
🙄 face with rolling eyes 1F644
🤒 face with thermometer 1F912
🤕 face with head-bandage 1F915
🤓 nerd face 1F913
🤖 robot 1F916
🤞 crossed fingers 1F91E
🤘 sign of the horns 1F918
🤳 selfie 1F933
🦵 leg 1F9B5
🦵🏿 leg: dark skin tone 1F9B5 1F3FF
🦶🏿 foot: dark skin tone 1F9B6 1F3FF
🧔 person: beard 1F9D4
🤷 person shrugging 1F937
🤷🏿 person shrugging: dark skin tone 1F937 1F3FF
🤷‍♀️ woman shrugging 1F937 200D 2640 FE0F
🤷🏿‍♀️ woman shrugging: dark skin tone 1F937 1F3FF 200D 2640 FE0F
🧕 woman with headscarf 1F9D5
🤵 person in tuxedo 1F935
🤵🏿 person in tuxedo: dark skin tone 1F935 1F3FF
🤰 pregnant woman 1F930
🤰🏿 pregnant woman: dark skin tone 1F930 1F3FF
🧙 mage 1F9D9
🧙🏿 mage: dark skin tone 1F9D9 1F3FF
🤹 person juggling 1F939
🦍 gorilla 1F98D
🦊 fox 1F98A
🦁 lion 1F981
🦄 unicorn 1F984
🐿️ chipmunk 1F43F FE0F
🦇 bat 1F987
🦨 skunk 1F9A8
🦃 turkey 1F983
🦅 eagle 1F985
🦆 duck 1F986
🦉 owl 1F989
🦎 lizard 1F98E
🦖 T-Rex 1F996
🦈 shark 1F988
🦋 butterfly 1F98B
🦂 scorpion 1F982
🥑 avocado 1F951
🥒 cucumber 1F952
🥐 croissant 1F950
🥖 baguette bread 1F956
🧀 cheese wedge 1F9C0
🌭 hot dog 1F32D
🥪 sandwich 1F96A
🌮 taco 1F32E
🌯 burrito 1F32F
🥚 egg 1F95A
🥗 green salad 1F957
🍿 popcorn 1F37F
🥡 takeout box 1F961
🦀 crab 1F980
🦞 lobster 1F99E
🧁 cupcake 1F9C1
🥛 glass of milk 1F95B
🍾 bottle with popping cork 1F37E
🏺 amphora 1F3FA
🕌 mosque 1F54C
🕍 synagogue 1F54D
🕋 kaaba 1F54B
🛴 kick scooter 1F6F4
🛑 stop sign 1F6D1
🏐 volleyball 1F3D0
🏏 cricket game 1F3CF
🏑 field hockey 1F3D1
🏒 ice hockey 1F3D2
🏓 ping pong 1F3D3
🏸 badminton 1F3F8
🧢 billed cap 1F9E2
🏹 bow and arrow 1F3F9
🕎 menorah 1F54E

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