This is the information from the Unicode Consortium’s Proposal No. 082 of 2017. This proposal contains 20 Emojis. Below is the detailed information.

Proposal Information

Proposal Number: L2/17‑082
Proposal Name: Possible Emoji Representation for Natural Hair Colors, Features, and Styles
Proposal From: ESC /Jeremy Burge
Proposal Year: 2017
Proposal File:

How to create your wanted Emoji?

How is a new Emoji born? First, users submit their Emoji proposal to the Unicode Consortium, and finally the Unicode Consortium decides whether to adopt the proposal. If the proposal passes, the Emoji you designed may be available in the next year as soon as possible. There is a complete and standard process for submitting Emoji proposals, which requires you to have enough patience and ability. You can use the above proposals as examples. Refer to them to make your Emoji proposal. Click here to Submitting Emoji Proposals (English), so that you and the Emoji you created will also be recorded in the history.

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