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  1. 🤍Short Name: white heart

    Description: A white heart symbolizes purity, happiness and loyalty, and also represents trust. It can represent White Day, it can be used with chocolate 🍫 to mean white chocolate, to convey love 💗. Related emojis: ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 Notes: What a peaceful day! 🤍 The white heart is frequently used on White Day, for example, "Happy White Valentine's Day, honey 🤍”. Keywords: heart | white

  2. ♡Short Name: White Heart Suit

  3. ❔Short Name: white question mark

    Description: This is a white question mark. Usually used to express questions with weak emotions. It also appears in some games and is the trigger point for unknown events and unknown tasks. Related emojis:❓ question mark, ❕ white exclamation mark, and 🤍 white heart. Notes: Just ask if don’t understand, why is there no dog’s head in the emojiall❔ What might account for this strange phenomenon ❔❓ Keywords: ? | mark | outlined | punctuation | question | white question mark

  4. ❕Short Name: white exclamation mark

    Description: This is a white exclamation mark. It expresses excitement and surprise with weak emotions. In daily life, it is often used to indicate reminders and warnings. The white exclamation mark on the webpage means that the network connection has failed. The white exclamation mark on the dashboard of the car means that the door is not closed or the handbrake has not been put on. Related emojis: 📶 network, 🚗 car, ⚠️ warning, ❔ white question mark, 🤍 White heart. Notes: I thought it was Thursday today when I looked at my mobile phone on the way to work 📱 and found that today was actually Friday. So happy❕ Magic. It's so magic when I see it at the first look❕ Keywords: ! | exclamation | mark | outlined | punctuation | white exclamation mark

  5. 💟Short Name: heart decoration

    Description: A cute heart-shaped decoration, most platforms show a white heart in a pink or purple square, which is generally used to express the meaning of liking and moving. It is like a love button, very cute. Related emojis : 💘💝💖💗💓💕❣ Notes: The little furry animals always make people's hearts soft 💟💟. The cute mouse always beats the cat💟! Keywords: heart | heart decoration


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