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Theemotionsexpressedbyemojismiling face with tear tendtobePositiveoverall,thismeans54.24%oftextsconsideritexpressesPositiveemotions.

必 (smiling face with tear) Sentiment Analytics -

Emoji Sentiment Analysis refers to the classification of emotional expression of an emoji. This analysis is from the linguistic analysis and machine learning of public samples of no less than 50 million tweets, it is a relatively accurate result and has high academic reference significance. Welcome to discuss, referenceres, repost and share. Copyright穢EmojiAll. For commercial use, please Contact us

How do we perform sentiment analysis on emoji? You can check our blog post here: Emoji Sentiment Analysis

  • Orange: Negative
  • Yellow: Neutral
  • Green: Positive
  • The gray cursor: it is the confidence level, a statistical concept.
    Simply put, the closer cursor is to the left, the emotion of this emoji is more negative. On the contrary, the closer cursor is to the right, the more positive emotion expressed by this emoji. And the narrower the cursor is, the judgment of the emotion is more accurate.
    See more professional explanation: wikipedia.

Back嚗必smiling face with tear

Negative 18.2%
Neutral 27.56%
Positive 54.24%
Confidence 0.360簣0.0018