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Emoji Tag Cloud is the result of processing real texts through machine algorithm. We analyzed tweets from 2018.01 to 2021.11 and extract the tags from tweets that contain emojis. Then we use statistics and algorithms to pick out the texts that are highly relevant to a specific emoji, and distinguish the language. Emoji Tag Cloud can let you to find out the derived meaning and usage of a specific emoji, you can even glimpse related current events, topics, or celebrities from it. For more details: Emoji Tag Cloud
This analysis is from the linguistic analysis and machine learning of public samples of 812 million tweets, it is a relatively accurate result and has high academic reference significance. Welcome to discuss, referenceres, repost and share. Copyright EmojiAll. For commercial use, please Contact us.

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Emoji Tag List

Emoji Tag(Words) Link
😀 grinning face respond, download, pal, haha, amie... More
😃 grinning face with big eyes smiles, assignment, joy, haha, ha... More
😄 grinning face with smiling eyes haha, smiling, laugh, smiles, cat... More
😁 beaming face with smiling eyes cleaner, ultrasonic, confident, teeth, gum... More
😆 grinning squinting face laugh, haha, reaction, hilarious, laughing... More
😅 grinning face with sweat haha, forgot, whew, kinda, hahaha... More
🤣 rolling on the floor laughing laughing, laugh, hilarious, lmfao, funniest... More
😂 face with tears of joy laughing, laugh, crying, hilarious, funniest... More
🙂 slightly smiling face amie, bookmark, download, glad, worry... More
🙃 upside-down face forgot, anxiety, woke, broke, hurt... More
😉 winking face linkte, wink, film, worry, naughty... More
😊 smiling face with smiling eyes po, wishing, glad, happiness, wishes... More
😇 smiling face with halo evermore, angel, nude, heaven, angels... More
🥰 smiling face with hearts boyfriend, cutest, aww, awww, adorable... More
😍 smiling face with heart-eyes gorgeous, handsome, stunning, anna, adorable... More
🤩 star-struck sooo, claiming, anna, touch, leverage... More
😘 face blowing a kiss babe, kiss, boo, kisses, goodnight... More
😗 kissing face kiss, ily, moots, pout, kinda... More
☺ smiling face po, taehyung, jimin, nudes, aww... More
😚 kissing face with closed eyes kiss, spelled, soooooo, watches, secrets... More
😙 kissing face with smiling eyes kiss, dearest, nevyana, goodnight, tae... More
🥲 smiling face with tear crying, pain, hurt, tears, hurts... More
😋 face savoring food yummy, delicious, chudai, breakfast, nude... More
😛 face with tongue tongue, suck, co*k, lick, hor*y... More
😜 winking face with tongue hor*y, co*k, naughty, naked, nude... More
🤪 zany face drunk, suck, haha, lit, hor*y... More
😝 squinting face with tongue haha, suck, co*k, hahaha, mouth... More
🤑 money-mouth face fn, voicemod, creators, leverage, primexbt... More
🤗 smiling face with open hands hugs, hug, wishing, wishes, toy... More
🤭 face with hand over mouth oops, sehun, charge, haha, hehe... More
🤫 shushing face secret, quiet, shhh, shhhh, silence... More
🤔 thinking face hmm, hmmm, question, wondering, virus... More
🤐 zipper-mouth face shut, quiet, mouth, silence, speak... More
🤨 face with raised eyebrow tf, wtf, weird, huh, confused... More
😐 neutral face wtf, tf, bored, weird, bruh... More
😑 expressionless face bored, asleep, ugh, wtf, tf... More
😶 face without mouth speechless, mgwv, weird, forgot, kinda... More
😏 smirking face kiss, corner, stolen, co*k, hor*y... More
😒 unamused face tf, smh, annoying, wtf, tired... More
🙄 face with rolling eyes annoying, stupid, ugh, tf, smh... More
😬 grimacing face yikes, oops, nervous, oof, cringe... More
🤥 lying face liar, lying, lied, lies, lie... More
😌 relieved face taste, glad, boyfriend, goodnight, feels... More
😔 pensive face wyd, rip, missing, pain, hurt... More
😪 sleepy face tired, rip, smh, losing, pain... More
🤤 drooling face co*k, hole, suck, mouth, craving... More
😴 sleeping face goodnight, sleepy, nap, dreams, sleeping... More
😷 face with medical mask masks, sick, wearing, nasty, disgusting... More
🤒 face with thermometer sick, fever, flu, mgwv, temperature... More
🤕 face with head-bandage headache, ouch, hurt, injury, sick... More
🤢 nauseated face disgusting, sick, nasty, gross, ew... More
🤮 face vomiting disgusting, sick, gross, nasty, ewww... More
🤧 sneezing face crying, jungkook, soft, jimin, cutest... More
🥵 hot face co*k, hor*y, hole, whew, hottest... More
🥶 cold face freezing, ice, warm, weather, coldest... More
🥴 woozy face drunk, weird, bitch*s, nasty, tf... More
😵 face with crossed-out eyes drunk, dizzy, mgwv, reaction, arsenal... More
🤯 exploding head insane, ronaldo, blown, cristiano, unreal... More
🤠 cowboy hat face cowboy, howdy, sheriff, yeehaw, yee... More
🥳 partying face renewal, prizes, bday, key, monthly... More
🥸 disguised face disguised, asf, ha, awake, weird More
😎 smiling face with sunglasses thalapathy, cdp, thala, india, mass... More
🤓 nerd face glasses, nerd, reading, smart, nerds... More
🧐 face with monocle hmmm, hmm, fit, question, curious... More
😕 confused face nap, relationship, hurt, weird, sucks... More
😟 worried face scared, worried, wtf, scary, mgwv... More
🙁 slightly frowning face mgwv, poor, missing, missed, hurt... More
☹ frowning face missing, shame, poor, ko, hug... More
😮 face with open mouth whoa, kid, holy, woah, shocked... More
😯 hushed face jackson, woah, happening, mgwv, surprise... More
😲 astonished face toy, ohh, size, woah, shocked... More
😳 flushed face secret, secretly, score, crush, wtf... More
🥺 pleading face cutest, yoongi, jungkook, precious, jimin... More
😦 frowning face with open mouth elise, mgwv, an*l, woah, wtf... More
😧 anguished face mgwv, woah, scary, wtf, changed... More
😨 fearful face scary, scared, wtf, woah, messi... More
😰 anxious face with sweat scared, scary, nervous, whew, mgwv... More
😥 sad but relieved face rip, poor, crying, heartbreaking, pain... More
😢 crying face crying, rip, tears, missing, heartbreaking... More
😭 loudly crying face crying, wtf, tears, jimin, laughing... More
😱 face screaming in fear hidden, twin, holy, scary, unbelievable... More
😖 confounded face cringe, tired, painful, stomach, scared... More
😣 persevering face pain, ugh, hurts, worst, sick... More
😞 disappointed face missing, hurt, rip, spaniel, facebook... More
😓 downcast face with sweat tired, missing, rip, pain, hurt... More
😩 weary face ugh, daughter, tf, tired, af... More
😫 tired face ugh, pray, tired, af, posture... More
🥱 yawning face boring, tired, sleepy, bored, bitch*s... More
😤 face with steam from nose smh, angry, tf, pissed, dare... More
😡 enraged face bark, angry, disgusting, wtf, shame... More
😠 angry face angry, disgusting, shame, wtf, hobi... More
🤬 face with symbols on mouth bark, wtf, disgusting, illegals, woof... More
😈 smiling face with horns co*k, naughty, hor*y, hole, suck... More
👿 angry face with horns evil, devil, cky, ys, demon... More
💀 skull bruh, lmfao, tf, lmaooo, lmaoo... More
☠ skull and crossbones pirates, pirate, death, poison, orlando... More
💩 pile of poo bull, poop, pile, poo, bot... More
🤡 clown face clown, clowns, circus, clowning, clownery... More
👹 ogre evil, devil, monster, demon, bot... More
👺 goblin horror, evil, devil, demon, monster... More
👻 ghost snapchat, ghost, snap, spooky, scary... More
👽 alien alien, aliens, multistagecorre, ufo, space... More
👾 alien monster twitch, alien, purple, aliens, arcade... More
🤖 robot robot, robots, bot, airdrop, reddit... More
😺 grinning cat cat, cats, kitty, meow, sexexposed... More
😸 grinning cat with smiling eyes cat, meow, cats, kitty, kitten... More
😹 cat with tears of joy cat, cats, laugh, oo, lmfao... More
😻 smiling cat with heart-eyes cat, kitty, cats, meow, kitten... More
😼 cat with wry smile cat, sexc, cats, kitty, nude... More
😽 kissing cat pussycats, ily, cat, meow, kitty... More
🙀 weary cat cat, cats, vids, kitty, meow... More
😿 crying cat cat, kitty, plz, dumped, sharing... More
😾 pouting cat cat, meow, dare, cats, kitten... More
🙈 see-no-evil monkey shy, kissed, haha, nude, screw... More
🙉 hear-no-evil monkey monkey, ears, evil, deaf, sound... More
🙊 speak-no-evil monkey oops, bark, woof, ruff, monkey... More
💋 kiss mark kiss, lips, kisses, an*l, goodgirlsdoanal... More
💌 love letter gcash, mbf, promote, premium, avail... More
💘 heart with arrow ily, pet, jungkook, cutest, promoted... More
💝 heart with ribbon discount, shipping, coupon, wise, ily... More
💖 sparkling heart ily, pink, precious, gorgeous, uwu... More
💗 growing heart velvet, ily, pink, blackpink, ilysm... More
💓 beating heart ily, vibrator, uwu, pink, youuu... More
💞 revolving hearts ily, courtesy, goodnight, cutest, uwu... More
💕 two hearts ily, pink, cutest, precious, adorable... More
💟 heart decoration datingservice, hor*y, passion, brandi, an*l... More
❣ heart exclamation weverse, sehun, replies, anna, chanyeol... More
💔 broken heart heartbreaking, rip, broken, pain, hurts... More
❤ red heart loved, thankyou, ily, anna, sending... More
🧡 orange heart shopee, orange, woodz, moodz, seungyoun... More
💛 yellow heart yellow, velvet, seulgi, sunshine, kai... More
💚 green heart nctzen, meeting, ahgases, logo, ahgase... More
💙 blue heart velvet, nipsey, wendy, logo, chelsea... More
💜 purple heart purple, armys, taehyung, jin, jimin... More
🤎 brown heart brown, chocolate, skin, dad, owned... More
🖤 black heart perthsaint, blackpink, perth, blinks, ariana... More
🤍 white heart ily, angel, bright, sw, buyers... More
💯 hundred points agree, cp, boosted, ion, loyalty... More
💢 anger symbol sinb, dating, babes, hor*y, vcs... More
💥 collision boom, cdp, mass, speed, thalapathy... More
💫 dizzy stars, gcash, magic, mins, cam... More
💦 sweat droplets wet, co*k, busty, hor*y, stepmom... More
💨 dashing away unlock, smoke, fart, extreme, smoking... More
🕳 hole hole, holes, raw, rabbit, dicks... More
💣 bomb bomb, boom, boomtastic, bombs, jungkook... More
💬 speech balloon gaming, rtx, pc, pep, jongin... More
🗨 left speech bubble ladies, chats, nude, dating, site... More
🗯 right anger bubble kiss, attorney, ace, form, commercial... More
💭 thought balloon opinion, dreams, dreaming, thinkin, chat... More
💤 ZZZ goodnight, sleepy, dreams, sleeping, nap... More
👋 waving hand bye, goodbye, courtesy, waving, slap... More
🤚 raised back of hand raise, mew, bye, gulf, slap... More
🖐 hand with fingers splayed raise, bye, agree, blocks, thumbs... More
✋ raised hand raise, graham, lindsey, donald, agree... More
🖖 vulcan salute trek, floridian, prosper, sunset, spock... More
👌 OK hand painless, efficient, product, size, cdp... More
🤏 pinching hand tiny, shining, funk, babie, mew... More
✌ victory hand fighting, bye, goodnight, download, bowmasters... More
🤞 crossed fingers crossed, fingers, hoping, gl, awp... More
🤟 love-you gesture fancy, gang, ima, mass, speed... More
🤘 sign of the horns thalaivar, cdp, superstar, metal, mass... More
🤙 call me hand mass, anna, cults, rebels, ki... More
👈 backhand index pointing left euroboys, exicting, twink, helixstudios, tiles... More
👉 backhand index pointing right actives, issues, note, euroboys, register... More
👆 backhand index pointing up anime, boop, pays, mamelodi, sundowns... More
🖕 middle finger finger, middle, loser, findom, haters... More
👇 backhand index pointing down howdy, sheriff, truth, report, democrats... More
☝ index pointing up allah, agree, saint, msg, amen... More
👍 thumbs up mate, agree, painless, cheers, product... More
👎 thumbs down nope, thumbs, shame, boo, worst... More
✊ raised fist respect, lives, target, fighting, jai... More
👊 oncoming fist reds, mate, patriots, fighting, punch... More
🤛 left-facing fist fist, patriots, punch, bump, fists... More
🤜 right-facing fist write, fist, patriots, punch, fisting... More
👏 clapping hands brilliant, bravo, surpassed, deserved, winning... More
🙌 raising hands amen, boss, takes, incredible, jesus... More
👐 open hands wash, saves, spread, rice, clean... More
🤲 palms up together allah, pocket, dry, amin, finger... More
🤝 handshake stans, bookmark, pal, download, respect... More
🙏 folded hands amen, pray, prayers, praying, blessings... More
✍ writing hand signed, signing, delighted, contract, writing... More
💅 nail polish nails, nail, periodt, findom, taste... More
🤳 selfie selfie, gaming, rtx, pc, monitor... More
💪 flexed biceps fighting, workout, gym, strength, stronger... More
🦾 mechanical arm workout, gang, dawg, gym, abs... More
🦿 mechanical leg prosthetic, leg, legs More
🦵 leg legs, leg, kick, kicking, knee... More
🦶 foot feet, foot, soles, toes, findom... More
👂 ear ears, ear, listening, hearing, sound... More
🦻 ear with hearing aid deaf, listening, hearing More
👃 nose nose, glasses, chadh, naina, depict... More
🧠 brain brain, brains, revisit, library, mental... More
🫀 anatomical heart organs More
🫁 lungs lungs, lung More
🦷 tooth teeth, tooth, dentist, dental, brush... More
🦴 bone bone, bones, drawn, skeleton, pup... More
👀 eyes peek, dropping, eye, mgwv, sneak... More
👁 eye eye, visits, nose, prostitutek, rapist... More
👅 tongue lick, tongue, notificat, mgwv, suck... More
👄 mouth lips, mouth, glasses, deeper, lipstick... More