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This is the version of pure AI algorithm, you can also check the comprehensive algorithm version to see the differences between them.
  • The comprehensive algorithm version is based on the pure AI algorithm version, then continues to add a variety of algorithm logics, and uses more data sources to enrich the content. This can effectively fills up the gaps in the algorithm results caused by the small amount of users and insufficient corpus of emoji.

The Tag Cloud of emoji 🏇🏼, the main data source of the algorithm is from twitter.The top 5 tags that are highly related to emoji 'horse racing: medium-light skin tone' and correlate from high to low are: racing,horse. This shows that netizens prefer to use  with these tag words or related topics.

💡:If a word has * in it, that means this word is sensitive.

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This is the emoji tag cloud of 🏇🏼. It is the result of text processing through rigorous algorithms, which can accurately express the most influential and popular usage of 🏇🏼 on social media. These tag texts can tell us this specific emoji is often used in what meanings, or often use them with 🏇🏼 in social media. For more details: Emoji Tag Cloud
This conclusion comes from language analysis and machine learning of a public sample of 812 million tweets containing emoji, it is a relatively accurate result and has high academic reference significance. Welcome to discuss, referenceres, repost and share. Copyright©EmojiAll. For commercial use, please Contact Us

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🏇🏼 Tags and Keywords

Tag (Words)
  • The meaning and derivative usage of 🏇🏼 in Twitter. These words are also often used together with 🏇🏼.
Ranking Relationship Strength
  • It indicates the relevance and similarity of the following words with 🏇🏼. This can also show how people use 🏇🏼 in social media.
racing 1


horse 2