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This is a list of Emoji whose type field is Emoji Flag Sequence, including Emoji symbol, short name and code point.Clicking on the Emoji and short name link can open the emoji introduction page, view information such as description and example, and you can also copy the emoji with one click to paste it elsewhere. Clicking on the code point link to view the Unicode information page of the Emoji, including high-resolution images and vector pictures provided by multiple vendors.User Guide: What is Type Field

Emoji Symbol Codepoint
🇦🇨 flag: Ascension Island 1F1E6 1F1E8
🇦🇩 flag: Andorra 1F1E6 1F1E9
🇦🇪 flag: United Arab Emirates 1F1E6 1F1EA
🇦🇫 flag: Afghanistan 1F1E6 1F1EB
🇦🇬 flag: Antigua & Barbuda 1F1E6 1F1EC
🇦🇮 flag: Anguilla 1F1E6 1F1EE
🇦🇱 flag: Albania 1F1E6 1F1F1
🇦🇲 flag: Armenia 1F1E6 1F1F2
🇦🇴 flag: Angola 1F1E6 1F1F4
🇦🇶 flag: Antarctica 1F1E6 1F1F6
🇦🇷 flag: Argentina 1F1E6 1F1F7
🇦🇸 flag: American Samoa 1F1E6 1F1F8
🇦🇹 flag: Austria 1F1E6 1F1F9
🇦🇺 flag: Australia 1F1E6 1F1FA
🇦🇼 flag: Aruba 1F1E6 1F1FC
🇦🇽 flag: Åland Islands 1F1E6 1F1FD
🇦🇿 flag: Azerbaijan 1F1E6 1F1FF
🇧🇦 flag: Bosnia & Herzegovina 1F1E7 1F1E6
🇧🇧 flag: Barbados 1F1E7 1F1E7
🇧🇩 flag: Bangladesh 1F1E7 1F1E9
🇧🇪 flag: Belgium 1F1E7 1F1EA
🇧🇫 flag: Burkina Faso 1F1E7 1F1EB
🇧🇬 flag: Bulgaria 1F1E7 1F1EC
🇧🇭 flag: Bahrain 1F1E7 1F1ED
🇧🇮 flag: Burundi 1F1E7 1F1EE
🇧🇯 flag: Benin 1F1E7 1F1EF
🇧🇱 flag: St. Barthélemy 1F1E7 1F1F1
🇧🇲 flag: Bermuda 1F1E7 1F1F2
🇧🇳 flag: Brunei 1F1E7 1F1F3
🇧🇴 flag: Bolivia 1F1E7 1F1F4
🇧🇶 flag: Caribbean Netherlands 1F1E7 1F1F6
🇧🇷 flag: Brazil 1F1E7 1F1F7
🇧🇸 flag: Bahamas 1F1E7 1F1F8
🇧🇹 flag: Bhutan 1F1E7 1F1F9
🇧🇻 flag: Bouvet Island 1F1E7 1F1FB
🇧🇼 flag: Botswana 1F1E7 1F1FC
🇧🇾 flag: Belarus 1F1E7 1F1FE
🇧🇿 flag: Belize 1F1E7 1F1FF
🇨🇦 flag: Canada 1F1E8 1F1E6
🇨🇨 flag: Cocos (Keeling) Islands 1F1E8 1F1E8
🇨🇩 flag: Congo - Kinshasa 1F1E8 1F1E9
🇨🇫 flag: Central African Republic 1F1E8 1F1EB
🇨🇬 flag: Congo - Brazzaville 1F1E8 1F1EC
🇨🇭 flag: Switzerland 1F1E8 1F1ED
🇨🇮 flag: Côte d’Ivoire 1F1E8 1F1EE
🇨🇰 flag: Cook Islands 1F1E8 1F1F0
🇨🇱 flag: Chile 1F1E8 1F1F1
🇨🇲 flag: Cameroon 1F1E8 1F1F2
🇨🇳 flag: China 1F1E8 1F1F3
🇨🇴 flag: Colombia 1F1E8 1F1F4
🇨🇵 flag: Clipperton Island 1F1E8 1F1F5
🇨🇷 flag: Costa Rica 1F1E8 1F1F7
🇨🇺 flag: Cuba 1F1E8 1F1FA
🇨🇻 flag: Cape Verde 1F1E8 1F1FB
🇨🇼 flag: Curaçao 1F1E8 1F1FC
🇨🇽 flag: Christmas Island 1F1E8 1F1FD
🇨🇾 flag: Cyprus 1F1E8 1F1FE
🇨🇿 flag: Czechia 1F1E8 1F1FF
🇩🇪 flag: Germany 1F1E9 1F1EA
🇩🇬 flag: Diego Garcia 1F1E9 1F1EC
🇩🇯 flag: Djibouti 1F1E9 1F1EF
🇩🇰 flag: Denmark 1F1E9 1F1F0
🇩🇲 flag: Dominica 1F1E9 1F1F2
🇩🇴 flag: Dominican Republic 1F1E9 1F1F4
🇩🇿 flag: Algeria 1F1E9 1F1FF
🇪🇦 flag: Ceuta & Melilla 1F1EA 1F1E6
🇪🇨 flag: Ecuador 1F1EA 1F1E8
🇪🇪 flag: Estonia 1F1EA 1F1EA
🇪🇬 flag: Egypt 1F1EA 1F1EC
🇪🇭 flag: Western Sahara 1F1EA 1F1ED
🇪🇷 flag: Eritrea 1F1EA 1F1F7
🇪🇸 flag: Spain 1F1EA 1F1F8
🇪🇹 flag: Ethiopia 1F1EA 1F1F9
🇪🇺 flag: European Union 1F1EA 1F1FA
🇫🇮 flag: Finland 1F1EB 1F1EE
🇫🇯 flag: Fiji 1F1EB 1F1EF
🇫🇰 flag: Falkland Islands 1F1EB 1F1F0
🇫🇲 flag: Micronesia 1F1EB 1F1F2
🇫🇴 flag: Faroe Islands 1F1EB 1F1F4
🇫🇷 flag: France 1F1EB 1F1F7
🇬🇦 flag: Gabon 1F1EC 1F1E6
🇬🇧 flag: United Kingdom 1F1EC 1F1E7
🇬🇩 flag: Grenada 1F1EC 1F1E9
🇬🇪 flag: Georgia 1F1EC 1F1EA
🇬🇫 flag: French Guiana 1F1EC 1F1EB
🇬🇬 flag: Guernsey 1F1EC 1F1EC
🇬🇭 flag: Ghana 1F1EC 1F1ED
🇬🇮 flag: Gibraltar 1F1EC 1F1EE
🇬🇱 flag: Greenland 1F1EC 1F1F1
🇬🇲 flag: Gambia 1F1EC 1F1F2
🇬🇳 flag: Guinea 1F1EC 1F1F3
🇬🇵 flag: Guadeloupe 1F1EC 1F1F5
🇬🇶 flag: Equatorial Guinea 1F1EC 1F1F6
🇬🇷 flag: Greece 1F1EC 1F1F7
🇬🇸 flag: South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands 1F1EC 1F1F8
🇬🇹 flag: Guatemala 1F1EC 1F1F9
🇬🇺 flag: Guam 1F1EC 1F1FA
🇬🇼 flag: Guinea-Bissau 1F1EC 1F1FC
🇬🇾 flag: Guyana 1F1EC 1F1FE
🇭🇰 flag: Hong Kong SAR China 1F1ED 1F1F0