This is a list of Emoji whose type field is RGI Emoji Modifier Sequence, including Emoji symbol, short name and code point.Clicking on the Emoji and short name link can open the emoji introduction page, view information such as description and example, and you can also copy the emoji with one click to paste it elsewhere. Clicking on the code point link to view the Unicode information page of the Emoji, including high-resolution images and vector pictures provided by multiple vendors.User Guide: What is Type Field

Emoji Symbol Codepoint
☝🏻 index pointing up: light skin tone 261D 1F3FB
☝🏼 index pointing up: medium-light skin tone 261D 1F3FC
☝🏽 index pointing up: medium skin tone 261D 1F3FD
☝🏾 index pointing up: medium-dark skin tone 261D 1F3FE
☝🏿 index pointing up: dark skin tone 261D 1F3FF
⛹🏻 person bouncing ball: light skin tone 26F9 1F3FB
⛹🏼 person bouncing ball: medium-light skin tone 26F9 1F3FC
⛹🏽 person bouncing ball: medium skin tone 26F9 1F3FD
⛹🏾 person bouncing ball: medium-dark skin tone 26F9 1F3FE
⛹🏿 person bouncing ball: dark skin tone 26F9 1F3FF
✊🏻 raised fist: light skin tone 270A 1F3FB
✊🏼 raised fist: medium-light skin tone 270A 1F3FC
✊🏽 raised fist: medium skin tone 270A 1F3FD
✊🏾 raised fist: medium-dark skin tone 270A 1F3FE
✊🏿 raised fist: dark skin tone 270A 1F3FF
✋🏻 raised hand: light skin tone 270B 1F3FB
✋🏼 raised hand: medium-light skin tone 270B 1F3FC
✋🏽 raised hand: medium skin tone 270B 1F3FD
✋🏾 raised hand: medium-dark skin tone 270B 1F3FE
✋🏿 raised hand: dark skin tone 270B 1F3FF
✌🏻 victory hand: light skin tone 270C 1F3FB
✌🏼 victory hand: medium-light skin tone 270C 1F3FC
✌🏽 victory hand: medium skin tone 270C 1F3FD
✌🏾 victory hand: medium-dark skin tone 270C 1F3FE
✌🏿 victory hand: dark skin tone 270C 1F3FF
✍🏻 writing hand: light skin tone 270D 1F3FB
✍🏼 writing hand: medium-light skin tone 270D 1F3FC
✍🏽 writing hand: medium skin tone 270D 1F3FD
✍🏾 writing hand: medium-dark skin tone 270D 1F3FE
✍🏿 writing hand: dark skin tone 270D 1F3FF
🎅🏻 Santa Claus: light skin tone 1F385 1F3FB
🎅🏼 Santa Claus: medium-light skin tone 1F385 1F3FC
🎅🏽 Santa Claus: medium skin tone 1F385 1F3FD
🎅🏾 Santa Claus: medium-dark skin tone 1F385 1F3FE
🎅🏿 Santa Claus: dark skin tone 1F385 1F3FF
🏂🏻 snowboarder: light skin tone 1F3C2 1F3FB
🏂🏼 snowboarder: medium-light skin tone 1F3C2 1F3FC
🏂🏽 snowboarder: medium skin tone 1F3C2 1F3FD
🏂🏾 snowboarder: medium-dark skin tone 1F3C2 1F3FE
🏂🏿 snowboarder: dark skin tone 1F3C2 1F3FF
🏃🏻 person running: light skin tone 1F3C3 1F3FB
🏃🏼 person running: medium-light skin tone 1F3C3 1F3FC
🏃🏽 person running: medium skin tone 1F3C3 1F3FD
🏃🏾 person running: medium-dark skin tone 1F3C3 1F3FE
🏃🏿 person running: dark skin tone 1F3C3 1F3FF
🏄🏻 person surfing: light skin tone 1F3C4 1F3FB
🏄🏼 person surfing: medium-light skin tone 1F3C4 1F3FC
🏄🏽 person surfing: medium skin tone 1F3C4 1F3FD
🏄🏾 person surfing: medium-dark skin tone 1F3C4 1F3FE
🏄🏿 person surfing: dark skin tone 1F3C4 1F3FF
🏇🏻 horse racing: light skin tone 1F3C7 1F3FB
🏇🏼 horse racing: medium-light skin tone 1F3C7 1F3FC
🏇🏽 horse racing: medium skin tone 1F3C7 1F3FD
🏇🏾 horse racing: medium-dark skin tone 1F3C7 1F3FE
🏇🏿 horse racing: dark skin tone 1F3C7 1F3FF
🏊🏻 person swimming: light skin tone 1F3CA 1F3FB
🏊🏼 person swimming: medium-light skin tone 1F3CA 1F3FC
🏊🏽 person swimming: medium skin tone 1F3CA 1F3FD
🏊🏾 person swimming: medium-dark skin tone 1F3CA 1F3FE
🏊🏿 person swimming: dark skin tone 1F3CA 1F3FF
🏋🏻 person lifting weights: light skin tone 1F3CB 1F3FB
🏋🏼 person lifting weights: medium-light skin tone 1F3CB 1F3FC
🏋🏽 person lifting weights: medium skin tone 1F3CB 1F3FD
🏋🏾 person lifting weights: medium-dark skin tone 1F3CB 1F3FE
🏋🏿 person lifting weights: dark skin tone 1F3CB 1F3FF
🏌🏻 person golfing: light skin tone 1F3CC 1F3FB
🏌🏼 person golfing: medium-light skin tone 1F3CC 1F3FC
🏌🏽 person golfing: medium skin tone 1F3CC 1F3FD
🏌🏾 person golfing: medium-dark skin tone 1F3CC 1F3FE
🏌🏿 person golfing: dark skin tone 1F3CC 1F3FF
👂🏻 ear: light skin tone 1F442 1F3FB
👂🏼 ear: medium-light skin tone 1F442 1F3FC
👂🏽 ear: medium skin tone 1F442 1F3FD
👂🏾 ear: medium-dark skin tone 1F442 1F3FE
👂🏿 ear: dark skin tone 1F442 1F3FF
👃🏻 nose: light skin tone 1F443 1F3FB
👃🏼 nose: medium-light skin tone 1F443 1F3FC
👃🏽 nose: medium skin tone 1F443 1F3FD
👃🏾 nose: medium-dark skin tone 1F443 1F3FE
👃🏿 nose: dark skin tone 1F443 1F3FF
👆🏻 backhand index pointing up: light skin tone 1F446 1F3FB
👆🏼 backhand index pointing up: medium-light skin tone 1F446 1F3FC
👆🏽 backhand index pointing up: medium skin tone 1F446 1F3FD
👆🏾 backhand index pointing up: medium-dark skin tone 1F446 1F3FE
👆🏿 backhand index pointing up: dark skin tone 1F446 1F3FF
👇🏻 backhand index pointing down: light skin tone 1F447 1F3FB
👇🏼 backhand index pointing down: medium-light skin tone 1F447 1F3FC
👇🏽 backhand index pointing down: medium skin tone 1F447 1F3FD
👇🏾 backhand index pointing down: medium-dark skin tone 1F447 1F3FE
👇🏿 backhand index pointing down: dark skin tone 1F447 1F3FF
👈🏻 backhand index pointing left: light skin tone 1F448 1F3FB
👈🏼 backhand index pointing left: medium-light skin tone 1F448 1F3FC
👈🏽 backhand index pointing left: medium skin tone 1F448 1F3FD
👈🏾 backhand index pointing left: medium-dark skin tone 1F448 1F3FE
👈🏿 backhand index pointing left: dark skin tone 1F448 1F3FF
👉🏻 backhand index pointing right: light skin tone 1F449 1F3FB
👉🏼 backhand index pointing right: medium-light skin tone 1F449 1F3FC
👉🏽 backhand index pointing right: medium skin tone 1F449 1F3FD
👉🏾 backhand index pointing right: medium-dark skin tone 1F449 1F3FE
👉🏿 backhand index pointing right: dark skin tone 1F449 1F3FF