李雪超 Xuechao Li

李雪超 Xuechao Li

  • 中英法语编辑 (Chinese, English and French Editor)
  • Youtube项目管理 (Youtube project management)
  • 运营 (Operation)
  • Emoji代号 (Code)☺️


2012年7月-2017年7月中国交通建设有限公司中非公司喀麦隆Bn、Km项目 负责项目内外的翻译、交流、往来;



Mrs. Li graduated from the French Department of the Department of Foreign Languages of Hebei University in June 2012, and passed the TFS-8 and CET-6.

She participated in China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. Sino-African company Cameroon Bn, Km project from July 2012 to July 2017, responsible for translation and communication of the project.

She engaged in French and English translation for 8 years and worked abroad for 5 years. She has extensive translation experience and is proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

In 2019, Mrs. Li participated in content writing, English and French translation of Emojiall projects, as well as the website operation of various platforms in China and other countries.