Privacy Policy attaches great importance to user privacy, we put the user's feeling and experience in the first place. Therefore, to maximize the privacy and security of user information, does not use cookies by default in its web functions and services except for login.

Please read this privacy policy carefully, because by using, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to the terms of this privacy policy.

This privacy policy only applies to all products and services offered on this website, but does not apply to the practices of third parties involved in this website and the links to other websites.

Information collection

We collect different kinds of information, they are:

  • Server log file. It is a part of server hostings' standard process, log information includes content such as Internet Protocol(IP address), browser type, use of language and access time.
  • Registration, commentary, edit and connection. If you post a comment, edit, contact us or sign up, log in, we will collect informations sach as your comment, date, user name, IP address, e-mail address you provided and other informations.
  • Search function. When using the search service on this website, we will collect informations sach as what users are searching for, time and date, whether its success or not, web page address and browser version.

Third parties collect different kinds of information, they are:

  • Google Ads. We use Google Advertising Services, this service allows us to display ads in the content of our website. Google uses cookies to understand users' preferences and allows advertisers to target their ad content based on users interests, so that they can continue to deliver better experiences to users. Please check Privacy Policy for Google AdSense.
  • Google Analysis. It is used to statistical and analytical website data, Google uses DART Cookie to collect Non-personally identifiable information (non-PII), and don't track your personal informations such as your name, E-mail address, home address. You can also choose to exit the Google Analysis, please check currently available opt-outs.
  • Cloudflare. It provides internet traffic optimization and distribution service to this website. When identifying malicious internet traffic and attack, it uses cookies to filter traffic, and use the collected information for analysis. Please check Cloudflare's privacy policy.

Disclosure of information

We won't share or sell any of your personal information to any unrelated third parties. However, here's some situations user's informations may become public:

  • Users agreed or publicize their personal informations on their own.
  • Legal obligation. At the valid request of the Government or the law, some of the user's informations may become public.
  • To protect the third parties and our legitimate rights and interests, for the person or group who compromise or attack this websites, publish illegal information in this website, their informations will report to Internet Service Provider, telecoms operators or other third parties(law enforcement agencies).

Children's Privacy Protection

We are no services available to children under the age of 13(or the age of your country/region), and we do not knowingly collect these informations. Any person under 13 needs the consent of their parents or other guardian to use the products or services of

Links to other websites contains links to other websites and ads. We accept no liability for the privacy policies, security, procedures, products, practices of these third-party websites.

These third-party websites have thier own contents and privacy policies, if you click on these links, you will point to a third-party website. We strongly recommended you to check the privacy policy of each website you visit.

Privacy policy updates will revise and update this privacy policy at any time, each time it is updated, we will change the effective date with immediate effect and without notice, we hope you review this privacy policy periodically. If you continue to browse and use this website, you accept and agree to be bound by this privacy policy.

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  • 服务器日志文件,这是服务器托管的标准流程中的一部分,日志信息包括互联网协议(IP地址)、浏览器类型、使用语言、访问时间等。
  • 注册、评论、编辑和联系,如果您发布评论、编辑、联系我们或注册、登录,我们会收集发布的评论、日期、用户名、IP地址以及您选择提供的邮箱以及其他信息等。
  • 搜索功能,使用本网站的搜索服务时,我们会收集搜索的内容、时间、是否成功、网页地址、浏览器版本等信息。


  • Google广告,我们使用Google广告服务,该服务允许我们在网站内容中展示广告。Google使用cookies来了解用户的偏好。这允许广告客户根据这些兴趣定位其广告内容,从而为用户提供更好的体验。请查看Google AdSense隐私策略
  • Google分析,它用于统计和分析网站数据,谷歌使用DART Cookie收集"非个人身份信息",不跟踪您的个人信息,例如您的姓名、电子邮件地址、地址等。您也可以选择退出Google分析,请查看currently available opt-outs
  • Cloudflare,它为网站提供流量优化和分发服务,在分辨恶意流量和攻击时,它会使用cookies来过滤流量,也会使用收集的信息进行分析。请查看Cloudflare隐私策略



  • 用户同意或自行向社会公众公开的个人信息。
  • 法律义务,在政府或法律的有效请求下,可能会披露您的一些信息。
  • 为了我们的合法权益或第三方的合法权益,对于破坏网站内容和攻击本网站、在本站发布非法信息的用户,其信息可能会被报告给互联网服务提供商、电信运营商或其它第三方(执法机构)。











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